Farewell and adieu!

Farewell and adieu all you fair my blog followers,

    Farewell and adieu all you followers of my blog”

Well, tommorow we’re setting sail! Dad’s going to wake me up early, so that I can pack a few last minute  things (last time we almost forgot peinguin, the cuddly toy that also makes a great pillow!) And I’m going to wake James up because last time we forgot puppy (the cuddly toy that has to be kept in a sock sleeping bag!)

Plus, I wouldn’t mind having time to make some toast and record a few things.

We’re going on the ferry, Mum prefers the train because she gets sea-sick, but she says that she’s OK as long as she stays on  deck. Which reminds me, I got some books from the library (they asked if I wanted to take part in the story lab thing, but the problem is, I read over six books in a week, so it’s a little beneath me! I think it’s meant for kids who hardly ever read.) In one of them it mentioned that you feel less sea-sick below deck, I just Googled it and I don’t think it’s true, but I did find several tips for avoiding sea-sickness, the three at the top of the page on Google are: (if you just type in  ‘Does stop you from feeling sea sick’ a typing mistake I made) about-getting-sea-sick-on-a-cruise, (the one I actually looked at and recomend) http://www.chuckiebags.com/sea-sickness-prevention.asp, and http://www.frommers.com/community/forum.cfm/tips-tools-deals/cruises/cruising-motion-sickness-sufferer. Just in case you’re, like us, going on holiday by ferry.  The best thing about going on a ferry for me is the chips. When you’re travelling in the car you’re meals are wierd, a few slices of pizza for breakfast, a bag of crisps and some sandwiches for lunch, and a boiled egg as a snack before tea. Whereas, on the ferry, you get at lest one meal that isn’t made up of several snacks!

Well, I think I’ll sign off now, just enough time to give you those words of wisdom I promised:

“Never eat yellow snow, eating greens will make you grow up big and strong, patience is a virtue, virtue is a grace, Grace is a little girl who wouldn’t wash her face!”



Hey y’all!

Today James and Henry’s friends, John and Jerry came over to play, I packed my books for going on holiday, read and watched telly. Dad’s home, and he brought me some shorts and school trousers.

I don’t feel like writing, but tommorow I’ll HAVEto write a longer one, I can’t go on holiday with out leaving you lot some profound words of wisdom!

Byesie Bye!

The late day.

Today I woke up and lay in bed, thinking about how nice it is to wake up and lie in bed, thinking about how nice it is to wake up and lie in bed, thinking about…. You get the idea.

That’s when Henry came in. At first I thought that he was coming to steal my laptop so, as I wasn’t really in the mood for an arguement, I decided to ignore him. That’s when I felt a foot on my shoulder, yes, that’s right. Henry was standing on my back!!! He then started asking me why I had removed his Star Wars DVD from the DVD player, wich I hadn’t!

So I got up and made breakfast, at 12 o’clock.

We had Lunch in the afternoon and tea in the evening, after the Simpsons. Only two more days until we go on holiday, so tommorow I’d better start packing!!!!


Aunty Carrie and Grandad visit again.

Today Aunty Carrie and Grandad came to visit again. I made dark, chocolate, orange rice-crispy cakes, I also discovered something funny. Mum e-mailed my blog address to some of my relations. So when we went to Aunty Jolene’s Mum asked them if they’d been keeping up with my blog, and get this, they said no, they hadn’t read my blog!  But they had been reading a great blog by someone called Somersetschoolgirl. They said it was very proffesional, and at first they didn’t believe it was me!

Which reminds me, if you are following this blog, please tell your friends (only, if you know my name make sure not to tell).

Anyway, back to buissness. I went butterfly watching and saw two peacocks, about fifty cabbage white, over a hundred small tortoise-shells and a dingy- skipper, the whole garden was over-run with small tortoise-shells, they were every-where! I’ve actually discovered that dingy- skippers are really rare, so it’s quite a find! Grandad managed to fix the gate, and was interested in our selection of Looney Tunes DVDs, I managed to find him a video of tweety-pies high flying adventures. I’ve decided to take the books he brought me on holiday, he says he’s going to a book fair soon, and wanted to know if I’d like any more.

TTFN! (Ta Ta For Now).

PS. I discovered that the mayor of London wanted every school to do TWO HOURS OF SPORT A DAY! I mean, the way he said that he thinks that he understands the peoples appetites for this and thinks that it will be wonderful for kids across the country is stupid. I can understand that at the time he probably didn’t picture all the stuff on the internet about there bieng not enough time, or qualified staff, but there is no excuse for saying that it would be wonderful for kids across the country, he makes it sound like all the UK’s kids love sport, just because he liked it when he was younger! If you live in London, please pay no attention to his hair, don’t vote for him.

A trip to the furniture shop.

Today we went to buy a new door for the porch, unfortunately, the moment we got there everyone forgot what the old door looked like!

Me and the boys spent most of our time playing with the 3D jigsaw puzzles and models, on the desk. They couldn’t agree what door knob to buy, so we decided to go home and look at the door.

Sorry I haven’t written much, I just don’t feel like it.

Tommorow I WILL write a longer one!


The longest lie in ever!

I woke up at 1 pm today. It was OK though, because me, James and Mum had been up untill 20 to 2 watching the meteor shower, it was amazing! Every so often the sky would flash as a meteor exploded! We also saw a few normal shooting stars they looked like normal blue stars, but they moved, I wished on one of them, but I said it out loud, so it might not count.

The cats were out there, when we went out into the road we saw Velcro and Swiss (James’s cat) out there with us, wherever we went, they went, when we were in the road, they were in the road, when we got a rug and lay on our backs watching the sky, they were nearby and when we went in the back to get a better view, they followed. As for Tiny (really called Shimbleshanks after .T.S. Eliot, but when he was a kitten he was tiny and the name stuck. Note. As with everyone else in this blog, these are not the cats real names, but this cats name is as close as possible to the real thing.)

He was already in the backgarden when we got there, I think that, whilst Swiss and Velcro followed us around, thinking that as we probably knew more about the event than they did we’d be able to come up with the best viewing place,  he just decided to go to the place he thought would have the best view, clever cat.

(YAWN!) Night, Night!

Hello everybody!

Today we went to the Dragon Castle. I’m not exactly sure why we call it that, it is a castle (well, a kids play area shaped like one) but the only thing dragonish is the slides.They’re painted like long, wriggly, serpentine dragons, breathing orange flames from their gaping mouths.

The Dragon castle is in the Outlet Village, aka Clarks Village aka Street, where some amazing fossils of ichtyosaurs were found. Imagine! When they built the village they must have built over loads of great fossils, it’s wierd to think that now Clarks is swarming with shoe-shoppers, but back a few million years ago it was full of creatures that didn’t even have legs!#

But I’m rambling slightly. We played ‘Spy on Henry’ only problem was our base had collected a rather unpleasant odour, to put it politely (to put it unpolietly, it smelled of animal droppings). So we decided to put ‘Operation Base’ into action. I managed to find us a clearing on the other side of a whole in the fence, it even had an emergency exit!

We used our code of animal calls a lot!

Anyway, if you haven’t heard abot it, tonight’s the night of the Persied meteor shower! It’s a bit cloudy, but NASA say that it’s worth a look! There will be hundreds of meteors crossing the skies, the best hours to watch are 10-11pm around midnight and the hours just before dawn, but according to the experts there’s never a really bad time to look at the nights sky tonight. So if you want to see them, just go out into the back garden.

Don’t forget to make a wish on all those shooting stars ,also if you have a smart-phone, you can download an app that will count the meteors and send the rsults to NASA! I hope I get a good view.

Goodbye, and remember, Keep watching the skies!