The longest lie in ever!

I woke up at 1 pm today. It was OK though, because me, James and Mum had been up untill 20 to 2 watching the meteor shower, it was amazing! Every so often the sky would flash as a meteor exploded! We also saw a few normal shooting stars they looked like normal blue stars, but they moved, I wished on one of them, but I said it out loud, so it might not count.

The cats were out there, when we went out into the road we saw Velcro and Swiss (James’s cat) out there with us, wherever we went, they went, when we were in the road, they were in the road, when we got a rug and lay on our backs watching the sky, they were nearby and when we went in the back to get a better view, they followed. As for Tiny (really called Shimbleshanks after .T.S. Eliot, but when he was a kitten he was tiny and the name stuck. Note. As with everyone else in this blog, these are not the cats real names, but this cats name is as close as possible to the real thing.)

He was already in the backgarden when we got there, I think that, whilst Swiss and Velcro followed us around, thinking that as we probably knew more about the event than they did we’d be able to come up with the best viewing place,  he just decided to go to the place he thought would have the best view, clever cat.

(YAWN!) Night, Night!


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