If you want something done, never leave it to James and Henry!

Today, whilst I was in the middle of a film, Mum announced that lunch would be a picnic in the garden. On recieving the news I went through several stages:

  1. Denial: I tried to finnish the film.
  2. Acceptance: I accepted that I couldn’t finnish the film until after lunch.
  3. Enjoyment: I sat on the rug and ate and read, we had not-ham (vegetarian ham from Quorn) cheese, bits of cut up fried egg, small slices of buttered bread,in the boys case cucumber and apple slices and in my case letucce in apple slices. I made a sandwich combining not-ham, egg and cheese, and a triple decker sandwich wich also combined not-ham, egg and cheese. Sadly the latter, while tasty at the time, afterwards felt like I’d swallowed a brick. Whlst the boys played, I read.
  4. More acceptance: I accepted that I couldn’t spend the morning reading whilst the boys were pestering me to play.
  5. More enjoyment: We played with the hose for ages and had lots of fun.
  6. Mild irritation: The two hoses were connected by a yellow thing with teeth to hold the hose, it hadn’t worked before because one of the screwy things was missing, I found the screwy thing, only to discover that one of the teeth was bent in.
  7. Desision: I decided to fix the hose and sent James and Henry inside to get a tooth-pick which would (I hoped) act as a mini crow bar and prize the tooth back into the right position.
  8. Extreme anoyance: I waited and waited, but nobody came. So in the end went inside to see where James and Henry had gone with my tooth-pick. I found them in the shower havig decided to leave me out there to rot.
  9. Shock: Late at night I suddenly remembered that all the plates, drink bottles, forgotten yogurts and my books (!!!!!) were still outside!!! Terrified that it might rain any second I got permission to go outside to get everything, once out there I was met by Dad. As we were both on the same mission I naturally left him to do it all while I went back to bed!

All in all a typical, really fun day.



One comment on “If you want something done, never leave it to James and Henry!

  1. Mummy says:

    you forgot to mention the slug incident

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