Happy Halloween!!!!!!

Today Aunty Carrie and Grandad came to visit. Normally for Halloween we go out the front door and go in the back, as trick or treating is not allowed in our village. This time we had a carefully formed plan:

  1. James and Henry change into their costumes while I go and tell Mum to distract the relatives.
  2. Mum gets Aunty Carrie and Grandad upstairs to show them something on her computer (I suggested Simon’s Cat.)
  3. We sneak out of the house through the back door, enter the utility room and knock on the front door. We then hide behind the big flower boxes either side of the door.
  4. Aunty Carrie and Grandad answer the door with my parents. But there seems to be no one there.
  5. We jump out and give them the fright of their lives (except Mum and Dad who’ll know what’s going on.)

Sadly that’s not what happened, here are a few things that went wrong.

  • Mum and Dad were busy so the brothers spent ages locked in James’s bedroom, unable to exit because they’d be seen wearing their costumes.
  • When she was finally ready Mum must have misunderstood my instructions. Rather than showing them something on her computer, upstairs, she kept them talking in the dining room. The front door and the back door can be seen from the dining room with the door open.
  • The weather decided to bucket down just to spite us, after a whole day of me bieng the only person going out side to look for a substituite for a broom stick it had to rain when we needed it to be dry.

Scurrying around like trapped rats we had few options.

  1. Go out the patio door. Pros, at least we’re outside. Cons, we’re unable to take torches, coats or even shoes.
  2. Try and sneak past the relatives. Pros, if it works the plan will go off reletively fine. Cons, if we’re seen the whole trick is ruined.
  3. Enlist Dad’s help.

In the end we chose 3 Dad chose to help us with 2. Under the pretence of going to get the headtorch, and shutting the door to prevent a draft Dad let us out into the utility room. We crouched by the door and listened for the sounds of Dad getting Mum away. Then I rapped hard on the door with my knuckles, several times.

Aunty Carrie and Grandad opened the door and we leapt out shouting: Rargh!

What did you do for Halloween? Please comment.

Whoooo! Bye! Whoooo!



Today we went to see Madagascar 3 in the cinema! It had jokes for adults and kids and great graphics! Dad even stayed awake for the whole show. My  favourite was the penguins, but I won’t say any more for fear of ruining the plot.

We also went on a short trip to the dentist, BUT…

  1. Dad takes James to the dentist.
  2. Dad realises that we’re actually all supposed to be going to the dentist.
  3. We go to the dentist.
  4. Dad decideds that we might as well pick up some brushes to decorate the windows withwhile we’re there.
  5. We get the brushes.
  6. Dad decides that we might as well go to pick up his shoes while we’re out.
  7. W go to pick up Dad’s shoes.
  8. We think it would be fun to visit the second handshop and buy hundreds of books and 2 videos (monsters inc = pretty cool Joseph King of dreams = spectacular!)

All this was great, way better than yesterdays snooze fest (esspecially the second hand shop!) But one bad thing became of it.

Dad thought: We can’t get a take-away Mum will have something ready by the time we get back.

While Mum thought: Dad must be getting them a takeaway as they’ve been out so long, it took one and a half fried egg sandwiches and a packet of magic stars to satisfy my hunger pangs,

but other than that, a wonderful day!!!

The dinosaur take over.

Nothing much happened today . . .

After the dinosaur strolled down the road almost crushing the car, and the wooly mammoth battled with it right next to our house. The fur and scales flew, but eventually, they decided to call it a draw, shook aposable parts of their anatomy and played tag on the field opposite after they vaulted the hedge and chased away a few stray cows.

We went to the pirate ship, teradactyls soared above, we fed them bits of bread. The cats love all these dinosaurs, ever since scientists figured out how to make wooly mammoths they couldn’t stop, they’ve created a species of intelligent, domestic, herbiverous dinosaurs, thoughthey can be a bit of a safety hazard with those massive feet. I spoke to the T-rex who was playing with the mammoth, apparently his name is Raplurg and he and the other dinosaurs are working on building a seperate civilisation on Mars. It’s a bit embarrasing really, they’re already ahead of us in science, literature and technology, they’ve already invented a superfast rocket that funs on carbon dioxide and is capable of making it to the moon in ten minutes. We’ve been alive 1.9 million years 350 days longer than them, but two weeks on earth and they crack the secrets of time travel.

It’s almost annoying!

PS The whole of this post is a lie (though we did go to the pirate ship.)

Bye (again!)

So Cuuuuute!!!

Have you ever wondered why human biengs love all animals? It doesn’t seem to matter if they have claws or visible fangs, we love them! I went to the zoo today and saw hundreds of animals and a lot of them were adorable! I mean, have you ever seen an animal at the zoo and thought, ” I want one of those!”

Instincts are generally our best guide, if you feel wary about giving it a cuddle, then it’s probably dangerous, or at least slightly less domestic. Say the coait’s, look like a cross between, a cat, a lemur and a pig. Pig snout + cat head and body + lemur tail = coati! I was desperate to hug one. Then there were the actual lemurs, monkey + bushy, stripy tail + and face like a Siamese cat = lemur! I was desperate to hug one, though this time instinct kicked in, after all, you could see it’s fangs sticking out from under it’s top lip, but it was cute!

Or, cutest of all, the LION CUBS (and if you don’t know what a lion is, you need to get out more) adorable! Who cares if they have claws the size of my index finger, or teeth five times the size of mine, who cares if their parents will see me as either a quick snack, or a hungry cub eating monster and rip me to bits? I still want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tell me, have you ever experinced this, you can get it with photos and drawings too.



We are pumpkin family!

Me and James made two more (full size) pumpkins. James made a man with a moustache, and I made a woman with eye lashes, lips and ears with earrings. Put ’em with my one toothed babykin and you have:  A Pumpkin Family!

We finnally found the matches (well, I found them) and the candles, so it’s officially pumpkin city round here. Now all I need to do is find my costume, I normally wear:

My Welsh hat (it’s black and almost pointy)

This purple and black dress covered with fake spiders

My school shoes (hey, they’re black!)

And my witch mask, it looks like real skin and is all wrinkly, sadly I seem to have lost it, luckily I’ve got two days at home to find it, Wish me luck!


PS We also went to the strawberry line on bikes!

The whole world hates my cakes!

A lot of cakes sold, but the no-rasin one sold less, one reason, my group SABOTAGED me!!!

Here’s how:

  1. The two boys ‘forgot’ to take in my cakes.
  2. YThe two boys refused to sell my cakes and insisted that they hide them.
  3. When at last I was sellin Marty was sabotaging, I wasn’t allowed to display my cakes, I had to keep them piled, unceromoniously, in a box.
  4. Marty kept trying to hide them, and actually told Mr. Fairgrass that they were burnt.

She had some wierd ideas about sales tactics as well, here’s Marty’s top tips for selling a product.


  • Call out good things about your product.
  • Offer customers a choice of flavour before they’ve actually asked for a cake, it’s wrong to force them, (Note, does Marty understand the concept of advertising?)
  • Go up to people.


  • Be truthful, tell your customers good and bad.
  • Tell your mates that the other person is scaring people off with sales tactics (these people might have had MONEY!)
  • Leave halfway through the stall, come back later, only to be told to go away again as you were not missed.

Even worse, a boy in my group binned my cakes!!! I was going to sell one to Mr Basil, but when he asked about it during assembly I had to tell him that he couldn’t have one because a member of my group threw them away. It’s a shame because, contrary to popular belief, some people loved my cakes. I like them, and my Dad seems to LOVE them, maybe it’s in the genes.

Oh well.


PS, has anyone noticed that many films on youtube make fun of films and video games (PBG and HISHEdotcom, are a few channels that do this.) What about books? I’m working on creating a youtube program about book fun bits. Problem is I lack all technology used to complete the task except a computer, but I’ll see how it goes.

Well done, NOT burnt!

Mum came home today, she’d been away all week but she knew all the stuff that had been happening because of this blog. Today we made the cakes. They turned out 90% rasins, sultanas and choc chips and only 10% dough, we came across a few problems, so here are instructions for Somersetschoolgirl’s disaster cake!

You will need:

Some stuff.


  1. Beat the butter and sugar to a cream.
  2. Mix the treacle, milk and baking powder and microwave it to create a coffee-like mixture.
  3. Have Mrs Browne intefere and get annoyed because you didn’t measure the flour.
  4. Ask your team-mate what moisten means.
  5. Discover that neither of you know how to ‘moisten’ the flour, so just pour the water in gradually making a strange dough.
  6. Worry, so when in doubt pour on rasins, sultanas and choc chips.
  7. Mix frantically.
  8. Have another member of your team ask the teacher for cupcake casing and have the teacher talk pointedly to that member saying that “Maybe next time you should have someone going to the market who knows what to buy”.
  9. Defend yourself by saying that Marty (yet another member) said that she could bring the cases in.
  10. Have the headmistress come by just when you’re scooping franticly into the cases.
  11. Answer any questions with lies, such as “we’re fine” “it’s all going to plan.
  12. Listen to teacher and head disscuss your lack of planning.
  13. Put cakes in oven.
  14. Go around asking what 150 divided by 12 is (I was trying to work out how long to cook them.
  15. Keep checking the oven, cook until told that the oven smells slightly burnt.
  16. Bring out okay cakes and be told by several people that they’re rubbish because the rasinshave carbonized.
  17. Leave to cool.
  18. Have rest of group beg you to trash them and eventually reach a compromise.
  19. Forget to tell other girl how long to cook them, cross fingers that it goes OK.
  20. Eat and sell them!!!

The evil boys are getting worse, Tom and Bob came up to our stall and kept asking for ‘burned cakes’ eventually I retaliated by asking for red sick from their strawberry smoothie stall, now their twisted version of the story shows ne smacking Bob in the eye (it was an accident that ironically happened as I said to a boy holding a massive stick that we were using as a sign post “poke him in the eye!” I assure you that it was purely accidental.) and then coming over, unprovoked, and insulting their product, oh well.

Tommorow I have got to make sure my stall is as far away from Bob’s as possible, I have told my group that it doesn’t matter to me, as their leadder’ if they don’t sell all our cakes, just as long as we make more money than them! (Pointing at Bob’s table!) I wouldn’t put a bit of slight sabotage past them!