The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee!

Hi eveybody!

Hello! Today was the last day of school before half term, but it was also my school’s jubilee party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First we had an assembly, they played ‘Sing’ the song that will be played to the Queen during her jubilee, it’s sung by children from poor vililages in Africa, to raise money for their country. First we made bunting, unfortunately mine didn’t get hung up because it was a complicated pattern of union jacks and triangles which took ages to colour. Next we made tabled cloths, me, Lily,Juliet , Laurel and Poppy were going to work together, until Lily and Poppy decided that it would be better if they worked with Laurel as a  three leaving me and Juliet to work in a two, though we weren’t supposed to! Lily said “I just don’t think that there would be enough room for five, ” (though we were also allowed to work in sixes!) I suddenly thought, hey this feels familiar, it was the tent situation all over again! Mrs Charcoal eventually persuaded Lily to work in a five, but she sulked for a bit. Nobody wanted to tryy out my brilliant ideas (e.g doing a tissue paper portrait of the queen or giving our paper table cloth a wiggly edge,) so, as Juliet described one part as being ‘my bit’ I began to draw her royal highness on that spot, unfortunately the others didn’t agree with my creative spirit and insisted that I rub it out, but I got my own back! I created The Wall Of Money, a snmall picture of every coin or note with the Queen’s face on, altogether I drew about twelve pictures of the Queen onto my bit,

Me: 1

Others: 0


Afterwards it was lunch time, we carefully carried our master-peice onto the feild and began to eat. There was pizza, sandwiches, fruit and crisps! Sadly there were also cakes (the teachers said that we had to have a sandwich before we had a cake so the ones I actually liked were soon gone,) sausages and sausage rolls. I often have sausage rolls at home, but they are vegetarian, I just managed to stop myself picking up this meat one. For me eating meat is worse than just stopping being vegitarian, everyone in my family is vegetarian, (except the cats and the fish) so I have never eaten meat. Eating a sausage could make me very ill!

After lunch you could go and have one more bit of leftovers. When I first tried to take some a teacher yelled, “Hey you kids, get away that’s staff food!” but the next minute they’re handing it out!

In the afternoon we played fun games! During the tug of war everybody kept saying that I was doing it wrong. The people watching said that I shouldn’t wrap the rope around my waist (though the teachers seemed okay with it) and the people on my team said I should swap places with the girl in front. But I refused both.

At first I felt myself being pulled foward and thought that it was a mistake me going at the back and I should have switched with the other girl and that my team would lose and it would be all my fault! But then I began to walk backwards, it was easy at first but got harder, until my team won!

Me and Laurel tried to go onto the hook a drink game where you have a fishing rod with a little ring on the end and you have to hook it over the top of a drink, Fishing For Drinks Brilliant! You also got to keep any drinks you hooked, I didn’t like any of the ones on offer, but though I could sell it. But we had to go, before we even got a chance, we were just about to have our turn when thay started packing up!

I won the bowling! When I got there the top score was five, by I got six! At the prize giving everyone tried to tell me I only got five, but then they called my name out, I had won!!!!!

I got a medal and ten sweets! Unfortunately I tied with another girl and had to give her five, she got the ones I didn’t like. I got: Harribo’s, Harribo strawberrys, magic stars, maltesers and a mars bar, as well as the plaque that everyone got.

They had the school brass band follow the people giving ot the plaques, two of the players were in my class!

Well, that was my Jubilee, Bye!

.P.S. How did your Jubilee go?



You are reading the blog of a 6c scientist!

Today Mrs Charcoal told me that I got a six C in science! She said that she had never had an AFL like mine before! Mum says that it’s esspecially good because science is less subjective than writing, there is generally only one right answer. Unless you try and create your own theories, then anything’s possible!

Now I have a story to tell you:

The year is 1899, the Victorian age. The British Empire rules the earth, and a group of children are preparing for PE. Unfortunately, five of them were in trouble.

The children waited for the teacher to notice, in the past children had just been told off and allowed to do sports. This time though, this time, the teacher said that they must spend the lesson inside the hall writing out : I must always bring my kit to PE.

They were told to sit apart from each other and began to work. Two of them spent their time cursing their bad memories, two of them were called out after a while and told to join the lesson, and one of them tried to see how much she could write in one hour. She was luckiest, she actually began to wonder if she’d dodged a bullet when she was told that the other children had been playing rounders, and began to consider deliberatley forgetting her kit on the day of the bleep test. A test of sheer stamina, an ancient relic, brought over tii Britain by the Romans, who got it from the ancient Spartans.

This story could have taken place at any time during Victoria’s reighn, but in fact, it happened on 29th May 2012.

Nothing seems to have changed there then.

See Ya!

Hi there!

Today my reading group were assighned a special project, desighn a leaflet for next years year 5s! Me and Jessy are in charge of drawing a map of the school with pictures showing where the staff are based, and writing an explanation of the buddies system. I might actually be getting a level six in science! As whenever we are given an AFL (assessment for learning? Or angry fish’s lunch?) they only say what you need to do to get a level 3, 4 or 5. However, we’ve been doing force diagrams recently, so our assessment was on them. One of the keywords was weight, but Mrs Charcoal said that if you managed to use the word weight you’d probably get a level six as you’d need to explain how the car (it’ll make sense when you read what we had to do.) gained weight as it accelerated. I asked if we could try using it and see if we get a level six.

Our task was to stick four pictures of cars into our books, and turn them into force diagrams and write a brief description of what they were doing when the stood still, accelerated, went at a steady speed and slowed down. On the acceleration explanation (hey that rhymes!) I wrote that the car gained weight as it accelerated, but on writing about deceleration I realised that if I just wrote what Mrs Charcoal had said it would look like I was just parroting her, and had no understanding of what happened as the car speeded up. So I hastly wrote down: As it loses energy, and therefore weight…. Mrs Charcoal was very impressed and said she would show it to Mr Brown, the head of science.

As part of our work on the book Storm Breaker by Anthony Horrowitz we had to write a comic strip of one frame or more about what happened to Alex in the breakers yard. So as not to reveal too much of the plot to anyone who might like to read the book, all I can say is that my question at the end of chapter two was: how is Jack (who is obviosly involved in spy stuff, I mean Jack Starbright FAKE NAME ALERT! FAKE NAME ALERT!) going to react when he comes home very late after school with loads of cuts and bruises and his uniform in shreds? What excuse can he have?

“Hi Jack. I tripped over in the playground?”

When I got home Mum said that as it was so hot that we were melting, we could go out into the garden, wearing our sun-suits, and build a water slide. It’s actually very easy to do, I have no idea why swimming pool owners insist on getting very expensive ones with load of motors and stuff!

Here’s how to build your own water slide:

You will need:

Your own climbing frame in the back garden, or at the very least a slide.

A hose.

Something slippery to land on, that isn’t rough like grass. We used some blue sheets of plastic, but paddling pools work too. Or anything else you can think of.


  1.  Place your sheets of plastic/paddling pool/ect at the bottom of your slide.
  2. Hook your hose up against the handles of your slide, if you can’t do this then get a freind/parent/sibling/slave to hold it , just as long as the water is spraying onto the slide.
  3. Slide down!

After this we had a competition to see who could slide furthest (James won.) and a competition to see who could do the best tricks with the hose. James was the judge and the idea was that he could play the winner whilst the loser judged. (Complicated isn’t it?) Unfortunately whilst doing a trick with theme ‘funny’ Henry sprayed James’s cat, causing him to score two. Henry then got really upset and refused to judge. He wouldn’t have won anything as he was basically copying my trick!

James then decided to have a go, but forgot he was doing it and walked around having an arguement with Mum and Henry looking ridiculous! Mum suggested that Henry chase us with the hose, but that soonended when, as a joke I put my finger over the nozzle of the hose and sprayed Henry in the face!

The unfortunate  result of all this was that I forgot to do my home work, (to finish colouring somthing that could easily be done at lunchtime) and instead spent the rest of my time creating an animation on scratch to go with the ostrich song:

Incase you want to sing along the lyrics are:

Daydreamin head’s in the sand, Daydreamin gee but it’s grand. I’m in love with an ostrich, All the neighbors complaining you see, But she loves me, Can’t help it if they don’t understand it. It’s fun to be in love with an ostrich, And if you haven’t tried it Don’t deny it my friend. ‘Cause it’s so much fun To go out in the sun Forget the rest of the world, With your head in the sand. Daydreamin head’s in the sand, Daydreamin gee but it’s grand. Walking down the street with my ostrich, All the people stare But I don’t care what they say. Find more similar lyrics on never says a word, She’s an agreeable bird, She takes my worries away. So if you find somebody who loves you, And your friends are all complaing, They’re not friends anyway. Just go out in the sun, ‘Cause it’s so much fun Forget the rest of the world, And put your head in the sand. Daydreamin head’s in the sand, Daydreamin gee but it’s grand. Daydreamin head’s in the sand, Daydreamin gee but it’s grand. Daydreamin head’s in the sand, Daydreamin gee but it’s grand. Daydreamin head’s in the sand, Daydreamin gee but it’s grand.



Today I walked around the Outlet Village, AKA Street. I came home with a few clothes from Nike, an Ice-cream and two aching feet! Sadly we couldn’t find a shop selling those giant Chupa Chups Lollies, you know, the ones that look like this:

So I had a Cornetto flake 99 instead, though Dad still owes me a giant lolly.

My feet really hurt for most of the day.

“Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, can we go home, my feet are killing me! Ouch, Ouch, Ouch!”

Somerset School Girl 27th May 2012


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