Aunty Carrie and Grandad visit again.

Today Aunty Carrie and Grandad came to visit again. I made dark, chocolate, orange rice-crispy cakes, I also discovered something funny. Mum e-mailed my blog address to some of my relations. So when we went to Aunty Jolene’s Mum asked them if they’d been keeping up with my blog, and get this, they said no, they hadn’t read my blog!  But they had been reading a great blog by someone called Somersetschoolgirl. They said it was very proffesional, and at first they didn’t believe it was me!

Which reminds me, if you are following this blog, please tell your friends (only, if you know my name make sure not to tell).

Anyway, back to buissness. I went butterfly watching and saw two peacocks, about fifty cabbage white, over a hundred small tortoise-shells and a dingy- skipper, the whole garden was over-run with small tortoise-shells, they were every-where! I’ve actually discovered that dingy- skippers are really rare, so it’s quite a find! Grandad managed to fix the gate, and was interested in our selection of Looney Tunes DVDs, I managed to find him a video of tweety-pies high flying adventures. I’ve decided to take the books he brought me on holiday, he says he’s going to a book fair soon, and wanted to know if I’d like any more.

TTFN! (Ta Ta For Now).

PS. I discovered that the mayor of London wanted every school to do TWO HOURS OF SPORT A DAY! I mean, the way he said that he thinks that he understands the peoples appetites for this and thinks that it will be wonderful for kids across the country is stupid. I can understand that at the time he probably didn’t picture all the stuff on the internet about there bieng not enough time, or qualified staff, but there is no excuse for saying that it would be wonderful for kids across the country, he makes it sound like all the UK’s kids love sport, just because he liked it when he was younger! If you live in London, please pay no attention to his hair, don’t vote for him.


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