Ice Age 4 contintal drift.

Here is a review of the film Ice Age 4 Continental drift, don’t worry, I won’t reveal anything that isn’t obvious from the posters or title I will however, be going into a bit more detail than the CBBC Newsround website’s review:

It starts off several years after Ice Age 3, Peaches is a teenager and in love with Ethan (another mammoth) this does not please Manny, who forbids her to meet him and her friends unsupervised. After he catches her and brings her home, they fight, the continents splitting just as Peaches says: “I wish you weren’t my Dad!”. Manny, Diego, Sid and his annoying and slightly mad Granny are stranded on an ice berg and float out to sea where they are boarded by a crew of pirates led by Gutt a Gigantopithicus (or if you read the Newsround review: a cross between an ape and a giant baboon), his first mate Shira, a rabbit, a kangaroo and an elephant seal. Meanwhile the end of the continent Pangea and the beggining of lots of new continents including Astrailia and Africa, means that the bit of Pangea home to Manny’s family to be slowly crushed by a giant wall. Peaches, Ellie and the rest of the community must race to the land bridge, before time runs out!

Now time for the questions that will be answered in the movie:

Will Manny, Diego, Sid and Granny escape Gutt and his crew?

Will Peaches, Ellie and the others make it to the landbridge?

And will Granny ever find her pet Precious, or is she either dead or imaginary?

Find out in your local cinema!!!

Good Bye!


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