My obbsession with a talking gorilla.

Konichiwa, Bonjour, iHola! and Hello.

Right today we went to another park and had more chips! (Henry couldn’t finish his they’re still in the fridge).

Now to talk about my obbsession with a talking gorilla. Well more a signing one. Koko is a forty year old western lowland gorilla she is an amazing breakthrough in inter-species communication as she has been taught ASL (american sign language.) I’ve often wondered whether Dr Penny Patterson (her teacher and ‘mother figure’) has considered switching roles and getting Koko to teach her gorilla language.

There are loads of videos of Koko on youtube and on her official site, it’s really funny when Koko is on youtube, because people comment. Most of them say somthing along the lines of “poor Koko, she’s probably bieng abused.” Yeah right!

‘Poor’ Koko lives in a luxury trailer with loads of toys and a TV, she enjoys the company of Ndume (a silver back, Koko picked him out of a video full of male gorillas to be the one she wanted to mate with) and once ate a small choclate alligator full of nuts, after a meal that she had dictated the menu to, and several choices of drink including non-alcaholic champange! (It was her birthday.) 

James was amazed when he heard all this and wished he couldbe a gorilla! So anyone who belives that Koko is unluckyshould check their facts.

American Sign Language


New Fish!

Today we got  some new fish for the pond. I got a goldfish (called Sunshine), James got a different breed of fish that I’ve forgotten the name of (called Godzilla), Henry got a goldfish with a white tail (called Cool Guy) and Mum  got the same breed as James, (imaginatively called Fish, but later renamed Spot). Mum’s been declutterfying the house, so everyone now has two pairs of gloves, one pair of wellies, two pairs of shoes (school shoes and trainers, though Henry just wears his school shoes all the time), two hats, two warm coats and two rain coats and one scarf each.

MoRe TOmMoRoW!

bYe, ByE!

Funimals we saw at the zoo.

Today we went to the zoo.

We had chips in the car for lunch and saw loads of animals!

From Armadillo, to Legadillo, plus some dinosaurs from A-Rex, to T-Rex, to Z-Rex. We saw flamingstops and flamingos, we saw penguins and pengloses, crickets and tennises.

We saw monkeys, that opened monklocks, lemurs with their lemfurs, tortoises bieng played with in torgameses and lions opposite truthons.

We failed to spot the aye-ayes, aye-noses, aye-mouths all atached to aye-faces, on aye-heads, on aye-bodies, of aye-people, all listening to their I-pods.We could hear the buzzing of flies, walks and swims, sadly there were no tigrrs or tigpurrs, no dolphins or dolflippers, no whales or laughs. There were even more dino’s, like triceratops, tricerasides and tricerabottoms and ‘allosauruses and goodbyesauruses. The dark house had sandcats, and sand mice living in sand castles, naked mole rats and fully clothed mole rats.

All in all a verry interesting day.



(If you think up any funimals of your own please comment with them.)

Hi sorry about last night.

Sorry about yesterday, we went to the park and had chips. Today we stayed in and played the greatest prank ever pulled!!!

It all started when James stuck a note on Henry’s back saying:

Kick my bum

I decided to make a sign of my own. But I didn’t stick it to Henry, I went one step further.

I made a small sign with a picture of a target on it and wrote:

Try and kick the target.

Then I stuck it on his bum. It’s still there, neither Mum, nor Dad have noticed!

Me and the boys started making a part animation, part real-people film about a little boy who had an adventure in the land of Dreamworld with some toy animal friends!

Henry made such a fuss about it! First he insisted that he should play the little boy, me and James tried and tried to explain that he had lost the audition, but in the end he got what he wanted. Now your thinking, he must have been satisfied then. But no. This time his demand was truly ridiculous!

Here it is:

In the cute play about the little boy flying through Dreamworld with his cuddly toy friends, defeating the evil witch to music from a ‘Appledy Dappledy’s Nursery Rhymes’ CD he wanted to play a drunken maniac!

He ended up bursting into tears over the whole drunken maniac thing! We eventually just told him that the Dad in the play was a drunken maniac secretly. But then he messed around during a rehearsal. So as I was telling him that he’d have to be sensible about this or he’d be fired, James chipped in and said “You’re fired!”

So he was in tears again! He’s such a diva! We ended up shooting the scene in secret while he was in the shower!

We’re going to finish it at the next convenient time.


Stuff that happened n the last few days!

  1. I saw a Fox Cub!!! I had parked my bike, James had got there before me, but he was somewhere in the bushes. Two people were standing there, looking excited, and I soon found out why, there, alone, standing out in the open was a FOXCUB!!!!!!! We watched for a while, until I stepped forward and he ran into the bushes! After few minutes James came by and I told him about the foxcub, he wanted to see it, and that was when I discovered, it was still in the bush!!! We could see it through the leaves! So I made those noises that are supposed to attract animals (my Mum does it in zoos, and it often works!) and the little cub slowly, slowly, stuck its head out of the bush! Once it’s whole body was out it stood there for a while as we watched it, until it vanished into a different bush. We waited, but this time it was gone…
  2. Mum and Dad set up the paddling pool and water slide! I think I spoke about the water slide in an earlier post, but the paddling pool is also a great way to cool off. We ended up having a great water-fight with a wet sponge, a water-pistol, and the hose!
  3. At the moment it’s the summer holidays. It is boiling! So we kids need a lot of cool drinks with ice in them, ice-lollies and ice-cream, so imagine our annoyance when, in our hour of need, the freezer broke down!!! A guy came round today to see if he could fix it, but it was too broken, so we’ll have to get a new one.

So that was the three most important things that happened in the last few days.

Bysie bye!


Sorry I didn’t write. On saturday the broad band was to dodgy and on Sunday I had a headache. And now I don’t feel like writing. BUT!!! TOMMOROW I WILL WRITE A LONGER ONE!!!!!!!