Au Revoir!

Au revoir! Tommorow I’m off to France! More about that later, first my day!

Mum got the job as Staff Tutor, thanks to me and Dad pretending to interview her, and I deafeted Somerset!

We had Golden Time today, which basically means that if the class is good we get to watch a movie or play outside for a while, but todays Golden time was not fun and games! I was mucking about with the spinny thing (you stand on it and spin it round with your feet whilst trying to keep your balnce) Poppy joined me, and I explained to her why the spinny thing was difficult to turn, (the axle, I think that’s what it’s called, was at  the top, rather than in the middle) this meant that you had to haul it upward and let go, resulting in it spinning round for ages. So Rose was lifting it and, for some reason we decided to hold it like that, then Somerset sat on it. Come on, I’m only human! I bet that 90% of the population would have done the same thing, especially if they didn’t like Somerset.

“Let Go!” I cried, Poppy let go and the log span round, at first it looked like a waste of time, Somerset soon regained her balance, and I looked on dissapointedly for a few seconds, before it span right round one more time and she fell over backwards!!!

Unfortunately Somerset couldn’t take a joke “That’s it.” she said and walked menacingl towards me (completely ignoring Poppy, which is unfair, after all, I just said it, she didn’t have to do it!)

That was how te arguement started. It resulted in Somerset and a few boys playing a game of catch or somthing with my book. In the end Somerset hid in the loo, I got my book back, but the boys heard me talking about Somersets fear, (hey, she’s twice my size! Scaring her is quite an achievement!) They snatched my book again and restarted this bizzare game of piggy in the middle. Soon one of the boys hid where I could never get him, the boys loos.

Seeing chances of getting the book back dissapear,I angrily advanced on a cornered Somerset. Who COWERED into the corner, so in the end I decided it wasn’t worth it.

Every one loved my cake!

Now I must warn you, I don’t think the place we’re staying has Wi-Fi. But I’m going to write my posts on Microsoft Office Word, then with a simply copy and a paste, all will be done!

Until then Bye!


The Great Book Flood.

On Saturday we’re going on HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately this means that for the past few days Mum and Dad have been getting me to pack more books. I have raided a second hand-shop, brought down armfulls from the attic, but still they tell me to buy more ebooks for my kindle, when we actually get to France we won’t have to go through the channel tunnel or on the ferry, my books will have created a bridge and we will be able to drive to France, that said, I dread to think what would happen if I rsn out of books, though with my kindle I could always get more.

I got my kindle yesterday, it’s great I’m currently using it to read the Enchanted Castle. It’s even got it’s own little red cover with white spots! I’m planning to show it to Nanna, she’s coming over tommorow, she’ll be staying the night and in the morning when we leave she and Grandad will stay to look after the cats. We’ve got her presents, and I’ve got her a cake. I’ts a chocolate and blackurant cake, with icing sugar in a special pattern, I made it myself! Hmmm… maybe inbetween bieng a famous author when I’m older I’ll also become a cook…

Bye bye!

Hi, there!

Sorry I didn’t write yesterday, nothing much happened any way, sports day was cancelled. I left my PE bag on the bus. Bad News, Worse news, it contained my entire school uniform, even my shoes!

I spent today wearing an old polo neck t-shirt thing (that was something I wore, back in Year 5! Now I wear a bigger one), my tracksuit bottoms and my trainers. We had to do groups in maths for the last two days and yesterday me and Somerset were the last ones, so we had to pair up. Today I finally got Mr. Maths to let me sit somewhere else, after we finished our project and Somerset decided that it would be fun to shower me in saliva! She licked her hand and tried to get me to shake, licked  her finger and tried to touch me, in the end what saved me was when she licked one of her bracelets and tried to get me to give it to Mr. Maths, therefore touching it, when Irefused the waved the thing about, in the end ‘accidentally’ spraying it so it landed on my cheek, after that I got to switch to another place.

We spent most of the afternoon today playing in the churchyard, my Dad had to mow the lawn there, and Mum had a tutorial and needed quiet.



Weird Rumours and Spy Gadgets.

First the weird rumours,

At camp when I went on the zip-wire I slipped when I reached the end, (the guy who was supposed to catch anyone who slipped was too busy filming me) now it seems that my oh, so lovely class-mates have been spreading  the word and the story has now become twisted!

People now think that I went on the  zip-wire READING A BOOK (!) and because I wasn’t concentrating I forgot to land!

Next the spy  gadgets we’re   reading ‘Stormbreaker’ in class. We’ve just finished thew chapter where he gets all his gadgets and we had to design one, tomorrow we’re going to do a ‘dragon’s den’ thing with them. So more then.

See ya soon big babboon (no offence intended for any obese babboons out there.)

Dogs, birthdays and a paper-weight.

Today we went to Hestercombe.

There was a loose dog wandering around and it seemed to like us a lot. Shame that Alexander didn’t feel the same.

Before we went there we went to the outlet village, Dad wanted to buy Nanna one of those china ladies that she likes, but the shop seemed to have changed. I had the idea of buying her a china cat, because she likes cats, but Dad didn’t think that there were any good ones. So he brought her a nice paper weight with little violets on a yellow field, Nana likes flowers. After Dad had finished paying for it he commented on how the shop had changed, the lady at the till then told him that the shop with all the ladies had moved to next to the carosel! So by then he had payed for the paper-weight! It doesn’t matter though, if we kept buying her more and more ladies then Nana’s house would soon have china ladies coming out of the chimney and spilling into the garden and the street. I’m making her birthday cake, a sponge cake, I should probably check her age so I know how many candles to put on.

Happy birthday to any birthday boys and girls out there!


Woof, Woof!

Today wasn’t too exciting, we woke up early to go to see a massive projector. First we dropped Mum off, as she had a tutorial and then we brought some sweets and each had a sandwich for breakfast. We also went to Oxfam and brought a few books for next weeks holiday. Finally we set off. The cave was brilliant, despite the strangeness of going down loads of stairs before coming up in a small cave with a great view of the matchbox cars and ant people. The projector was also amazing, I had expected it to just be a photo, but it moved and everything, you could see birds flying right across the screen!

You could see cars too, and people. And dogs. Henry is terrified of dogs. He even squealed when he saw the one on the projector, when we pointed out that it was a long way below us he just said “What if it’s a high jumping dog!”

The whole place was full of dogs. Later we went to have a picnic lunch in the park, they had this weird ropey place equiptment. The only problem was the hieght.

When desighning your up high play area consisting of a few hanging baskets conected by rope ladders, you should always consider two things:

  1. Accsess, how easy is it for kids to actually get up there?
  2.  User friendliness, are you rope ladders easy to use?

Unfortunately, while I can accept that since everything was made of rope, perhaps it would be impossible to get up there without some difficulty, the only reason I found it annoyiong was that I discovered that the only way to easily get down was from one of the highest baskets, I do find that it spoiled my expierience a little when I discovered that if you are even slightly afraid of hieghts (like me!) you still have difficulty.

The way to cross from one basket to another seems to be this:

  1. Stand up in the basket your in.
  2. Put one stup on the bottom rung of the rope ladder (this only works for going up, I never tried going down.)
  3. Grab hold of the rope holding up the other basket
  4. Step onto the next rung, and the next until you get there.

The problem is that if at this point you are suffering from acrophobia (fear of hieghts) then it is terrifying.

Still, the brothers seemed to enjoy it.

Bye, Bye!