cAn’t WRIte NoW!



I haven’t written in a while…

Uncle Percy has been, stayed overnight and left. He brought the boys smoothies and tubes of mini eggs. He gave me a chocolate hedgehog! Seriously!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Cute!!!! This is from the Waitrose Woodland Friends website, I want another one of these at Easter. There are owls and a frog too, but they aren’t as good.

I had to force myself to eat it, it was to cute to eat! But after I’d had a bite I couldn’t stop, almost half of it has vanished over the last two days!

I’ve been packing for Kiln lodge our residential this year, I’m staying two nights so don’t expect a post in the next two days. We had a bit of trouble with the personal first aid kit they wanted, shoud I bring plasters, anesthetic and a defibulator? In the end we just shoved some plasters in my washbag.


Waking up early.

During half term I experienced an unusual phenomenon. I started going to sleep earlier (for me) around midnight instead of my usual one o’clock. 😀 You think. She’s gained an hour of sleep hooray!!! No, because I started waking up at seven (or at six one time!)

I generally spent hours trying to get back to sleep, doze off and wake up with the rest of the family at ten o’clock. But now school has started I have decided to put this to good use! I decided to sleep early, wake early and make myself toast for breakfast! You see Every day I have cereal, originally for the vitamins, but ever since I started eating healthier it’s mainly just for time convinience.

Anyway, unfortunately I discovered that lying down trying to sleep is hareder than you think. It actually helped me gain energy so I eventually dropped off around two oclock.


Supreme champion Eater (?) !!!

I went to pizza hut today.

I had a kids mini pizza for starter, then I had a medium pizza, both thin base. Then a slice of Dad’s pizza (deep pan) and most of a bowl of ice cream with lots of chocolate sauce and wine gums and weird sweets like red and white spherical smarties. I ate more than anybody!!!


Those idiots at the garden centre

Those idiots at the garden centre have closed the pirate ship. But when we asked why they were edgy:

Apparently a bit of it is broken, but they don’t know which bit as they haven’t been down there, and it’s mainly closed because of the weather (is it too dry?)

Here are some of my theories:

  1. A child fell off the equipment and broke one off their limmbs, the staff are trying to cover it up.
  2. There are spiess/illegal arms dealers/smugglers meeting in the ship’s hold the staff are forrbidden to say anything.
  3. The whole place is overrun with rats/mice/assorted insects and it is full of poison. Staff don’t want customers to be put off by news of an infestation.
  4. Real pirates have taken over and staff aren’t saying anything for fear of being taken hostage.
  5. They’ve discovered that the ship is actually a real pirate ship from the days of old and are panicing ecause they’ve covered it in paint and plastic.

Or if you want the boring theory:

     6. They’re over reactinng about the weather conditions.


My attempt at an A-Z of animals we saw at the zoo

Today we went to the zoo, we saw:





Extremely strange things (like the fact that there was nothing beginning with E!)





Just no animals beginning with J

Klearly no K’s



Neanderthals (that went by the names of Henry and James 😀 )



Quite unusual to find nothing beggining with Q




Unbelivably no U’s

Very few V’s

Wester-lowland Gorillas

X-( no X’s

You guessed it no Y’s

Zoo’s seem to be unable to care for an animal of each letter.