The mysterious case of the plaster cast mask.

On Monday we had art we were making plaster masks, we got a plastic mould and stuck plaster too it, I spent ages on mine, when Mr Move-it said we could work through break if we wanted I was the only one to take up the offer. Alone in the classroom I finished my mask and left it on the side to dry as I had no idea where I was supposed to put it (I’m not to good with stuff like that, memory like a sieve.)

Today I went looking for it. It wasn’t on the shelf, so I put my hand up and, after he’d yelled at me for daring to raise my hand (Now would be a good time to mention Mr Move-it’s personality. He sees himself as God! But he isn’t. For instance, he’ll talk about how “There’s no right or wrong in art, mistakes are okay…  then he yells at you in front of the whole class for making the slightest error! Bryony says she’s not going to take art for GCSE simply because she can’t stand him!) he plonked a mask in front of me and told me to start. Thinking he didn’t understand I asked him if I couldn’t find my original mask, just as a little hint. He said, and I quote:

“Not my problem! Get off your backside and look for it!”

I looked around, but nothing, then I heard him talking to some other students

“Put your name on it [the mask] or you’ll get what I’ve dubbed [insert my name] syndrome” he looked directly at me “You didn’t put your name on it and as I dramatically demonstrated [earlier with an old mask] anything without a name on it goes in the bin!”

So he as good admitted he’d thrown away my work, and proved that he knew it was my work! How did he know? Well, apart from the fact that it was the only one there, it did have my name on it! Bryony witnessed me putting it on!

Now with someone as critical as Mr Move-it you sometimes get the feeling he wants to destroy your work, I was using tequniques (tekneeks) I hadn’t been taught, it did look a bit messy, I think the temptation just got to strong and he threw it away! (Either that or the label fell off. But then why didn’t it happen anybody elses?)

I’ll get my own back though! He’ll rrue the day he crossed me when he sees my new mask! A caricature of him as an owl! 😈

Bye! 🙂