Cinderella, with a twist!

Hello boys and girls.

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Cinderella. She lived with her ugly sisters, Jane and Henrietta. One day she was making lunch (she actually enjoyed doing this).  She was making spaggetti on toast for herself, beans on toast for Jane, and at first Henrietta said that she wanted spaggeti too, but then she changed her mind and asked for eggy bread. So Cinderella made the eggy bread, flipping it with her bare hands because she couldn’t find the spatula, made the tomato ketchup look like a smiley face and brought it in. Then she microwaved the spaggeti, all was well, until Jane ran in and said that she had changed her mind! Now she too wanted eggy bread, so Cinderella made Jane a delicous plate of eggy bread with a tomato ketchup smiley face. Jane and Henrietta gobbled it all up whilst Cinderella worked in the kitchen, she was attempting the extremely difficult trick of making spaggetti on toast… with a fried egg! It was going perfectly, the spaggetti was on the plate, the toast was on the plate… but then disaster struck! The spatula was still missing, and without it Cinderella could never get the egg out of the pan!!!!!

Just as it seemed as if things just couldn’t get any worse Jane came in, she’d changed her mind again and now she wanted beans on toast! After much protesting by Cinderella Jane said “alright! I’ll just have a bowl of baked beans! But I’m making it easy for you! You hardly gave me anything!” Cinderella noticed that Henrietta had no complaints.

Luckily Cinderella’s fairy godmother made both the ugly sisters more food and Cinderella’s fairy godfather found the spatula in the enchanted washing machine, so she got her breakfast after all.

And they all lived happily ever after.




One comment on “Cinderella, with a twist!

  1. Mummy says:

    ha ha 🙂

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