Hello everybody!

Today we went to the Dragon Castle. I’m not exactly sure why we call it that, it is a castle (well, a kids play area shaped like one) but the only thing dragonish is the slides.They’re painted like long, wriggly, serpentine dragons, breathing orange flames from their gaping mouths.

The Dragon castle is in the Outlet Village, aka Clarks Village aka Street, where some amazing fossils of ichtyosaurs were found. Imagine! When they built the village they must have built over loads of great fossils, it’s wierd to think that now Clarks is swarming with shoe-shoppers, but back a few million years ago it was full of creatures that didn’t even have legs!#

But I’m rambling slightly. We played ‘Spy on Henry’ only problem was our base had collected a rather unpleasant odour, to put it politely (to put it unpolietly, it smelled of animal droppings). So we decided to put ‘Operation Base’ into action. I managed to find us a clearing on the other side of a whole in the fence, it even had an emergency exit!

We used our code of animal calls a lot!

Anyway, if you haven’t heard abot it, tonight’s the night of the Persied meteor shower! It’s a bit cloudy, but NASA say that it’s worth a look! There will be hundreds of meteors crossing the skies, the best hours to watch are 10-11pm around midnight and the hours just before dawn, but according to the experts there’s never a really bad time to look at the nights sky tonight. So if you want to see them, just go out into the back garden.

Don’t forget to make a wish on all those shooting stars ,also if you have a smart-phone, you can download an app that will count the meteors and send the rsults to NASA! I hope I get a good view.

Goodbye, and remember, Keep watching the skies!


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