Adverts I don’t get

Here are three adverts I don’t get. In oder of easiest to hardest to get.

  1. These adds are again, all a bit weird, but their supposed to be like that, it’s funny, but this ad is too subtle. It’s starts of with a beautiful mountain glen. The film is black and white and someone’s singing some sort of Scottish sounding folk song in the background. You see waterfalls and breezy hills, then an  old shepherd, he whistle and his faithful dog (whom I imagine is called shep or moss or bloop, or whatever sheepdogs are called.) answers him with a bark before he herds the sheep down the hill. Once penned in the sheep are sheared. While he is cutting the sheep’s wool the doy sniffs his master’s hand as he dozes by his side, waiting for when he is next needed, the picture of loyalty. The farmer continues cutting, then you get a shot of his firm but kind face looking down on the sheep who he’s shearing. Then he whistles again and the sheep rush out onto the mountain side, followed by the loyal dog. Then you rewind and notice that, if you examine it very closely the dog has had a haircut. Then the sign comes up: ‘Should have gone to specsavers.’ This is easy to get, but waay to subtle.
  2. I could only find this 4od ad on youtube, but trust me when I say this, they are all weird, this is the least weird one. Here are three described, including the one in the clip. a) A man walks up to one of those crisp and chocolate machines, you know, where you put in money and food comes out? Inside are people. Tiny, tiny people. Happily chatting and shouting catchphrases as they wait to (presumably) be devoured. Then a voice over talks about how 4od is a ‘vending machine full of your favourite shows!’ My questions about this one are, admittedly just about why these people are so happy! YOUR WAITING FOR DEATH AT THE HANDS OF A GIGANTIC (to you) CANIBAL AND YOU ARE SMILING AND CHATTING TO HIM AS HE PICKS WHICH ONE OF YOU WILL NOT LIVE TO SEE TOMMOROW!!!!! (!) It just goes downhill from here. Next is a short one. A guy is on an airplane and he is eating. He pulls the shrink wrap off his food and about a dozen tiny TV screens shoot out of his back like he’s inspector gadget or something! There are people on the screens all of them talking about how disgusting this guy’s (admittedly unappetising) dinner looks. Then a sign comes upi saying 4od, leaving the viewer wondering whether or not 4od is a surveillance copany or a bionic upgrade? The last one is the hardest to understand. A man is shooting clay pigeons, you know the game with the orange Frisbees and the guns? He’s shooting them and missing them all. The camera zooms in to show the names of, what I presume are, TV shows. He keeps missing until he picks up a new gun and shoots all of them down
  3. . . In case you don’t didn’t watch it I’ll explain as best I can. There’s this little cartoon space man on a drawing, he decides to go in a painting, so off he flies. Then he goes off to the stickers on the wall of a girls bedroom. he passes a lamp with a fairy on it. Fairy girl makes friendswith space man and they fly and run around the house, sliding down banisters and dancing on walls before settling down to watch TV. They sit in a picture on a cushion below some tree silhouttes. They hug and a sign comes up sating it’s an add for talk talk TV! Need I say more? Well I will. What has this to do with TV? Since when has meeting pretty girls who happen to live in your home but you’ve never met them before become to most important part of the TV expierence? Of course this is beside the point! After watching the ad I am clueless about what this thing is! Is it a brand of television? A recording thing like Tivo or Sky? A channel? I challenge any one in the comments to come up with an explanation for what this, this, this thing is!!!


PS Sorry this one took a while!


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