WOW week three

Third day of the WOW week.

  • We had to do a play, each group did a scene from George and the Dragon. I play a werewolf, which is admittedly quite fun! But we had to do read through after read through, followed by a rehearsal of the actual play and another whole-play rehearsal consisting of just the narrators and no-one else. We had two hours to learn out parts. Tomorrow we perform to a class of year ones/receptions and on Friday we perform in front of our parents, can’t wait! 🙂
  • I had to go to the dentist to get a filling. Last time I went they said I wasn’t brushing my gums enough, now I’ve got an ulcer from brushing them too much, so you see I was suspicious about dental care before I got there. First they checked my teeth and gums, then they dried them and put gel on my tooth to make it numb, I got some on my tongue and was terrified that it would go all limp, because I thought it was anaesthetic. The stuff didn’t make my mouth go numb, it burned, like someone had lit a match inside my cheek, the dentists kept saying “Yes it does feel a bit funny and numb doesn’t it? No, it’s burning me!  Then they stuck a needle in my mouth, it hurt, the gel was obviously defective. Half my face went limp! 😦 They dabbed some more gel on and began drilling into my tooth, suddenly I felt a dash of white hot pain and told them to stop. They continued the drilling with a chisel so it didn’t hurt, then inserted the filling. They had to grind it down twice to get the right size, and it still feels a bit funny.
  • I arrived back at lunchtime and went about the rest of my school day with half a face. It didn’t really show, but it felt like someone had tied a knot in my cheek, it was like that ’till just after home-time, here are the disadvantages of having half your mouth asleep:
  1. I had trouble pronouncing certain letters. For some unexplained reason my fs sounded like ps, my ps sounded like bs and my bs sounded like ps. Actually this is a lie. I have rounded these sounds to the nearest whole letter. The problem was, the main discussion point at lunchtime was who was who in the play, since the groups were kept separate. And I, as I told my classmates, was playing a “Were-wulp.”
  2. I had trouble eating. Normally I, like everyone else, bites down on my food with my canines and incisors, tears a chunk away and grinds it into a pulp through a process of moving it from one side of my mouth to another while my molars move up and down. Oh you lucky fools, you can only imagine what it’s like to eat under anaesthetic. You should haave seen the way I mangled those sandwiches (you couldn’t call it eating!) I was told not to eat on the numb side of my mouth, incase I chewed off a chunk of cheek without noticing since I could feel nothing. So I shoved my food into the small area of lip that could feel and chewed. Problem was, my tongue automatically moved food across my mouth, but once it was over it was like it had vanished because I could feel nothing! The result of this strange eating process was I started to get a few funny looks fro my class-mates! 😦
  3. I had problems drinking. This was an unforeseen problem. I have one of those water bottles where you stick the nozzle in your mouth and water pours down, but because I couldn’t feel the water would trickle over my lips, which hadn’t closed around the bottle, I had to position it on the very edge of my mouth.
  4. It was uncomfy and as I started to recover, painful. I have three theories on as to why my jaw is bruised.


  1. I was constantly (gently) hitting myself, emboldened and confused by lack of pain.
  2. My muscles had relaxed, perhaps they had been pulling on my jaw.
  3. It hurt a lot were the needle went in.



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