WOW week 2

Second day of WOW week:

  • I had illuminated letter drawing in the morning. First we had some stuff on Chaplor Castle which we visit on Thursday, then break, then actually drawing the letters . I  finished before everyone else and was therefore allowed to paint the background of my illuminated letter in crimson ink! (An illuminated letter is those big fancy capitals at the beginning of pages in those old fashioned books!)
  • This boy, Harry kept annoying me. First he teased me, then I pushed him and we both got in trouble. Then he stood in front of me reading a book. At first I thought it was an imitation of me, but no, on closer inspection the book was mine! He did this once more and maybe I hit him over the head with it while snatching it back. Then the swine snitched on me! I was told to apologise, and I did “I’m very sorry… THEIF!!!” were my exact words!
  • We did stained glass window making, I damaged a table with a permanent marker that I discovered could go through paper (I didn’t have a pencil to do my design and there was this whole pile of what looked like whiteboard pens on the table… 😳 🙂 )  I discovered that the most intricate griffin on paper can become the  brown-blob-monster when drawn on clear plastic and drowned in glue and tissue paper!
  • I went outside (shocking I know!) and momentarily blinded by the sunlight (I’d just come from a dark classroom with all the lights off and most of the windows covered) I did what I always do in these situations. You see I heard fro a tour guide at big pit that when the pit-ponies had their two weeks holiday they too would have been blinded by the light (only literally!) do the men would blindfold them and remove the blindfold a bit at a time.  Unfortunately I must have done this too fast because I was still blinded and had to stand covering my eyes with my hand for a few seconds. Then Mr Theivingswine and his mates came over and decided I was crying because he’d nicked my book, idiots! 👿



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