WOW week

Today was the start of our WOW week. It’s a thing they planned where we all get taught history by university students for a week. Today my group learnt ‘Medieval life’ and how to paint frescoes.

  • The medieval life workshop was all about researching. They had this skeleton and we had to find out who he was and how he died (He was a student who answered back! Only joking, the story they gave us was he was  craftsman who died of old age at the ripe old age of thirty-five. In reality he was a fish who died of old age, got compressed against loads of other fish and became oil. He was then placed into a mould shaped like a human skeleton and had chemicals added to him to make him hard plastic.) They taught us how to play with a teetotal (a big dice on a stick that only goes up to four they’d play lots of different games with it. If you can dream it, they’ve probably been playing it for over a hundred years!) and I learned that medieval peasants used to get souvenir badges when they went on pilgrimage’s (kinda like I ♥ NY T-shirts only nicer.
  • Frescoe painting was basically doodling on canvas. We wrote our team name in the middle and did little pictures around it. One of my little pictures happened to look like it would get in the way of the massive castle that had to border our title. But the team ran out of time before they could finnish it. I had the idea of painting a few random bricks next to the unfinished bit. So instead of an unfinished castle we get a fallen apart castle. But just when I was about to paint them in Stew pulled the canvas away and said “No.” just “No” like I was his dog or something and I was about to track pawprints over the painting! “You’ve messed it up once, don’t mess it up again!” he said. But my team members agreed with me. Unfortunately, thanks to Stew I could no longer paint them, so I used pencil.
  • I had another fight with the boy who shall henceforth be known as Shrimp Boy (or SB) we have them all the time now. One time he hit me with his tennis racket, today we just pushed each other around. Annoyingly, whenever we do this Shrimp Boy keeps saying how rubbish at pushing him I am. He’s generally right because I always hold back because, well I don’t think ‘Killed Shrimp Boy’ is a great thing to have on your résumé! So now I’m thinking of some good comebacks it helps that SB is very predictable. Like this:

Today’s conversation (As I remember it.)

SB: You’re a cow!

ME: You’re a shrimp!

SB: I’d rather be a shrimp than a fatty like you! Sitting on my butt eating crisps and reading! Yum Yum! (Actually I get lots of excersize, I do press-ups everynight! Still SB’s so small a pin would seem fat compared to him!)

(We push each other for a bit.)

SB: Watch out you might see a Gruffallo (Your guess is as good as mine…)

Next time:

SB: You’re a cow!

ME: At least if I was a cow I could trample annoying little weeds like you!

  • I finished my book, Dad’s gonna proofread it!


PS Mum’s gone away for two weeks and for some reason hasn’t been skyping us! 😦


3 comments on “WOW week

  1. Mummy says:

    Mummy’s only actually been gone one night so far and hasn’t got broadband in this hotel :).
    Shrimp boy sounds horrible but I think that he must like you if he keeps wanting to push you….

  2. Mummy says:

    Please email mummy your book. Daddy knows mummy’s work address

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