The best day ever!

Today James and Henry were gone… bliss! We had a take-away pizza because whenever  the bros. go to their friends house (as they did today) they always come back telling tales of having whole takeaway pizzas to themselves. 😛 mmmmm…. Pizza….

Aaarchhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Pizza!

Aaarchhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Pizza!


By the way here’s a poem by me:

Rally the troops

Rally the forces,

Gather the men,

Gather the horses,

Prepare for the battle,

Prepare for the fight,

Under cover of darkness,

Under cover of night.

Hear plans of ambush,

Hear plans of surprise,

check for the untruths,

check for the lies,

Don’t notice the screams,

Don’t notice the wails,

Take heed of the stories,

Take heed of the tales,

Out in the heat,

Out in the sun,

Just you and your weapon,

Just you and your gun,

‘Till, the battle’s over,

‘Till the battle’s end,

You sit with your mate,

You sit with your friend.

Wondering if the fighting will stop,

Wondering if the fighting will cease,

 Wondering if there’ll be quiet,

Wondering if there’ll be peace.



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