Yesterday we went to the dentist

I had to have x-rays at the dentist yesterday. They’d tried to give me them before. You have to bite down on a bit of plastic, but there is different piece of plastic slotted into it vertically, and the edge is quite sharp!

So last time I basically couldn’t close my mouth. So now thet bring out anothere one. I can’t close my mouth again and it actually cuts me a bit. After they’re certain I cant close my mouth they bring out a smaller one.

So wait… I couldn’t close my mouth over it once so you try again and immediatly bring out a full-size one? Do you think that in a year my mouth will have become crocodile-sized? Or do you just enjoy my pain?

They put what looked like a giant white hairdryer on a stick against my cheek, I asked them if radiation came out of that thing. They said, and I quote:

“Only a tiny bit, but that’s why we have to stand well back”

How comforting! 😆


PS Today I sprained my leg swimming breaststroke. The teachers saw no reason why I couldn’t go on to swim a legnth of breaststroke so I decided that if I should be forced to swim, I would push myself so if (or when) my leg fell of they’d be sorry. I made a whole legnth.


One comment on “Yesterday we went to the dentist

  1. Mummy says:

    could this post be connected to your post of the 29th…

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