My day:

Toad in the hole

I made toad in the hole and chips for tea. It is a hard dish to make as it involves a lot of hot batter and sausages.


We went shopping to get pizza (note the toad in the hole and chips) tommorow we’re ordering Chinese \(^o^)/!


I heard about this thing called the poetry games, problem was you have to write your poem about stuff you care about. One of the options was current afairs so I wrote this (they asked for it!):

Horse Meat

There is horse meat in our beef,

Black Beauty’s on the shelves,

We say it’s bad to be so cheap,

but we’ve eaten some ourselves!


We complain to the shops,

for selling us horse pie,

said the shop manager,

“’tis farmers fault not I.”


We complain to the farmer,

about our burgers and beef sauces,

he says we should be understanding,

for budget reasons his cows are horses!


We complain to the government,

but our tempers run their  courses,

we’re calmer until we uncover the truth,

The goverment’s made up of horses!


So whenever you see expensive food,

and you think its you their robbin’

don’t care to much about the cost,

at least it’s not boiled down Dobbin!


Pretty cool, eh?


Me and Zara are making a film as part of a science project, the project is on burning stuff (posh word: combustion) So I’m thinking of dressing as a devil!  }(:-D)(     )~~>  (devil emoticon)

The French Trip

When your in Year Four you do this French Cafe thing. You do a whole whole afternoon of bieng taught French, doing quizzes in French and bieng served by french waiters in the cafe. But who, I hear you ask, are these teachers, quiz-masters and waiters?

Year 7s like me. Thats who.

So I could get to teach a class of Year 4s cool!

That’s it



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