A greater tradgedy than Hamlet!

Today I had to do a presentation in front of the class on a theme park (latest project). Our group did an advert written by me, with some help from Harry. Here’s the basic plot:

  1. A little boy called Mike is dissapointed by no presents or cake on his birthday.
  2. His Dad sends him to the ‘rat infested cellar’. When…
  3. The Joyride Busdriver appears through a magic door (Joyride was the theme park name and the busdriver was our mascot.)
  4. She takes him to Joyride.  Thanks her and she says “Don’t thank me, thank Joyride!”
  5. The narrator says “Go to Joyride kids! Say goodbye to all your problems!”

Here is what actually happened:

  1. Mike and Harry (the Dad) started before Zara could narrate and she refused to say another word throughout the performance because of this. She said it wouldn’t make sense. (I was a bit irritated about this. Tara made me write her a script. She was the only character to have one and she didn’t use it, whereas other characters forgot their lines for want of one.)
  2. Harry sent Mike to the rat infested cellar. Instead of going under the table as we had planned. Due to some planning Harry had vaguely talked about the cellar was now in the hall. Now if it weren’t for the fact that the busdriver appears in the the cellar scene MAKING IT ARGUABLY THE MOST IMPORTANT SCENE, THE SORT THAT CAN’T BE DONE IN A HALLWAY!!! I told the the audience it was a technical hitch and ran out to tell Mike to get under that table.
  3. Zara was supposed to say “Something magic happened!” when I went under the table, to alert viewers that I wasn’t just going in for a chat, I was appearing through a secret door. Unfortunately she was doing her silent act so I hissed at Mikes “Say something magic is happening”! That’s when Dad the guy who isn’t supposed to be seeing this, us being in a different room said (in a wooden voice) “Something magic is happening!”
  4. On his big thanking scene Mike forgot his lines. Rather that hissing “what do I do?!!” or ad-libbing he just stood there saying “Wasn’t I supposed to do something here now what was it, umm…”
  5. This almost didn’t happen, what with our narrators setting being firmly on ‘mute.’ In the end I had to say the line.

Honestly, look what I have to work with!



One comment on “A greater tradgedy than Hamlet!

  1. Mummy says:

    never work with children or animals…

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