The Croods

My laptop broke a few weeks ago, now it is fixed unfortunately from Easter Saturday I’m in Scotland.

Today I went to see The Croods in 3D. It’s got great graphics, really pretty to look at. It tells the story of a family of Neanderthals who live in terror. Staying in their cave for days at a time, telling each other stories about cute animals who try to explore and have adventures and die and generally living up to their family motto: Never not be afraid. (Maybe soon it will join Carpe Deim, your never fully dressed without a smile and be the best that you can be as one of the most encouraging motto’s in history.) The family is made up of the father: Grug, the mother Ugga, the baby girl Sandy, the eldest daughter Eep, the only son Thunk and Ugga’s anonymous mother.

Eep is more adventurous than the rest of her family and sneaks out one night and meets Homo Sapien, Guy. (Guy, imaginative name.) Plus his pet sloth Belt whom he wears around his waist.

One day the relativley realistic caveman setting is destroyed to reveal a far more surreal world. It is full of multicoloured plants and flowers, giant branches and looks a bit like pictures I’ve seen of Pandora from Avatar. There are incredibly weird animals, such as elephant-mice, birds with turtle shells, a whale with legs and a flock of pirahna birds.

Even the animals you would expect look a little strange! Giant tie-die sabre-tooth tigers, giraffe print mammoths and ginormous, carniverous lemurs.

It’s heart-warming, funny and very tense and sad in some parts. Here are two questions I have: (If you haven’t seen it then please look away.)



  1. Throughout the film there is a running joke in which they tempt animals over with crude models of a female of their speciesm so at one point they are trying to tempt a bird so they can get it’s egg. Surely if it has an egg it must be a girl, yet the model is still a female (either that or a male wearing a lot of makeup. Since when are birds gay or lesbian?
  2. At the end all the Croods have pets. Not only were most of the pets trying to kill the family earlier in the movie, but the others were food! They survive primarily on meat, there seems to be little edible vegitation in their world. So what are they going to eat?!!




If you haven’t watched it you can look now. 😀





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