Crosstick poem.

(Because I had nothing better to write . . .  )

Not doing much.

Only playing on my laptop.

The parents are re-decorating for when the estate agents come ’round.

Half the time Henry plays on the wii.

Italian food for tea.

Nothing to do anyway.

Got nothing else to write a post about, so I decided to write about this.



2 comments on “Crosstick poem.

  1. Mummy says:

    Creative poem
    Rhymes not
    Oddly written
    Sliding down the page
    Several questions
    Tell me what
    Is a crosstick poem
    Can you please tell me
    Knowledge needed

    • Crosstick poem Runs down the page Only one line for each letter Stick is the word Spelled down in The first letter of each sentence In the poem the Cross is the rest of the line. Kool ain’t it!

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