Since I last wrote:

  • I left Kiln Lodge: I have never been so glad to be home. The food wasn’t the unlimited choice we’d been promised and I almost cried tears of joy whren I saw my Mum cooking delicious toad-in-the-hole. I also finnally got a proper nights sleep! Heaven!
  • Me and Zara put up posters in the library to properly launch ‘The Eagle’ (which you’ll remember from my post The first meeting’s tommorow.
  • Mum had her birthday and I made her a chocolate cake and wrote her age (which is none of your bussiness!) and ‘Happy Birthday’ on it.
  • We went to a Chinese Resteraunt (for Mum’s birthday) and I ate more noodles than anybody  else!!!
  • I ran (but mostly walked) three laps of our school field. That’s TWO MILES!!!!! They said you could stop after one or two laps (in fact the teacher told me that I should stop at one) but I ran all three, and for two of them I had a massive stitch that made it painful to move or breath.
  • I went to Nanna and Granddad’s and learned that they might have to stay for a while if Mum and Dad have to work away from home at the same time which means we’d see more of them. Yay! 😀 But me and James will have to get up at the crack of dawn to catch the school bus. Boo! 😦



One comment on “Since I last wrote:

  1. mummy says:

    I think that you will find that everything that mummy cooks is delicious…

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