I haven’t written in a while…

Uncle Percy has been, stayed overnight and left. He brought the boys smoothies and tubes of mini eggs. He gave me a chocolate hedgehog! Seriously!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Cute!!!! This is from the Waitrose Woodland Friends website, I want another one of these at Easter. There are owls and a frog too, but they aren’t as good.

I had to force myself to eat it, it was to cute to eat! But after I’d had a bite I couldn’t stop, almost half of it has vanished over the last two days!

I’ve been packing for Kiln lodge our residential this year, I’m staying two nights so don’t expect a post in the next two days. We had a bit of trouble with the personal first aid kit they wanted, shoud I bring plasters, anesthetic and a defibulator? In the end we just shoved some plasters in my washbag.



One comment on “I haven’t written in a while…

  1. mummy says:

    and the bus driver had to put your bag into a special huge-bag-hole…

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