Waking up early.

During half term I experienced an unusual phenomenon. I started going to sleep earlier (for me) around midnight instead of my usual one o’clock. 😀 You think. She’s gained an hour of sleep hooray!!! No, because I started waking up at seven (or at six one time!)

I generally spent hours trying to get back to sleep, doze off and wake up with the rest of the family at ten o’clock. But now school has started I have decided to put this to good use! I decided to sleep early, wake early and make myself toast for breakfast! You see Every day I have cereal, originally for the vitamins, but ever since I started eating healthier it’s mainly just for time convinience.

Anyway, unfortunately I discovered that lying down trying to sleep is hareder than you think. It actually helped me gain energy so I eventually dropped off around two oclock.



2 comments on “Waking up early.

  1. mummy says:

    you need to eat 5 different vegetables a day to avoid cereal…

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