Those idiots at the garden centre

Those idiots at the garden centre have closed the pirate ship. But when we asked why they were edgy:

Apparently a bit of it is broken, but they don’t know which bit as they haven’t been down there, and it’s mainly closed because of the weather (is it too dry?)

Here are some of my theories:

  1. A child fell off the equipment and broke one off their limmbs, the staff are trying to cover it up.
  2. There are spiess/illegal arms dealers/smugglers meeting in the ship’s hold the staff are forrbidden to say anything.
  3. The whole place is overrun with rats/mice/assorted insects and it is full of poison. Staff don’t want customers to be put off by news of an infestation.
  4. Real pirates have taken over and staff aren’t saying anything for fear of being taken hostage.
  5. They’ve discovered that the ship is actually a real pirate ship from the days of old and are panicing ecause they’ve covered it in paint and plastic.

Or if you want the boring theory:

     6. They’re over reactinng about the weather conditions.



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