Sexism in the world of teaching

We had a maths quiz. Mr Johnson put us in teams of girls vs boys. The girls were winning 4-0 until the teacher (who happens to be a man) gave the boys four extra points when he heard that there were 14 girls and 10 boys. He chose people to answer the questions by pulling names out of a cup and because there are 1.4 girls for every boy he gave the boys 4 points just for being male! Coincidentally this made them draw with us.

The next outragewas when we had a question that only boys were asked so us girls didn’t even get a chance! But here omes the most terrible outrage:

We had a question that only girls were asked, not giving the boys a chance, and he gave them EXTRA POINTS!!! Coincidentally this put he in the lead. We didn’t get extra points. The competition ended in a draw, but we won. If Mr Johnson gave us those extra pointshe owed us we would have won. And if Mr Johnson had not given the boys those extra points we would have won. Many girls said it  was sexist, it’s also unproffesional. Setting girls and boys against each other and then siding with your own sex, when you’re the teacher isn’t the best way to show them that the subjection of women is over  forever…


One comment on “Sexism in the world of teaching

  1. Sorry I haven’t written in a while, my laptop’s been broken, in fact I’m had to borrow my Dad’s laptop to write this.

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