Pirates of the Caribbean Fanfiction! Do not read unless you have watched the second movie!

Today I finished the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie. To celebrate, here’s some fanfiction.

The small boy looked up anxiously at the noose above his head, he was afraid.

He clutched the coin in his hand, then with a gulp tossed it into the air and began to sing:

“Yo ho! Haul together! Hoist the colours high! Yo ho! Theives and beggars! Never shall we die!” Soon his voice was joined by many, a chorus of sea fares singing against the men that oppressed them! But all fell silent as a crate was fetched for the boy to stand on, with the noose around his neck the lever was pulled and Jack Sparrow, son of Edward Teague and Martha Sparrow died.

Jack was plunged into darkness, his whole life flashing before his eyes, his first swimming lesson, his childhood aboard ship and his capture by the Royal Navy …

It had been a normal day aboard ship, looting, drinking and fishing, until in the distance a flag appeared, the Navy! They boarded the ship and began to fight, the battle had been long, many lay dead, Captain Teague was not among them, he had fled, believing his son to be dead, carrying the shrunken head of his wife who had been killed by savages. The men took the boy, tried him as an adult and hanged him as a pirate, now here he was, outside the Flying Dutchman.

Suddenly before his frightened eyes he saw a creature from his worst nightmares, a hideous monster with the body of a man, but the head of an octopus! “Oops, I think I’m in the wrong place!” said Jack and he bolted, but found himself unable to move, he was drawn to the ship. “Arrr!” Laughed the thing “None can escape, soon I’ll have your soul!” Jack panicked,

“you don’t need my soul!” He pleaded “when I’m grown I’ll get you a better one, I’ll get you two, three, a hundred souls!” The creature considered his offer

“I accept. In thirty years I shall expect my payment, or I’ll be taking your soul back to the locker.” There was a flash of bright light and the boy found himself sitting, in a life-boat off the shore of Tortuga. He shivered, of all the pirate islands, Tortuga was the most dangerous, rough and drunken, but it was better than drowning, so he rowed ashore.

He signed up as a cabin boy and soon rose to the rank of captain, before he was marooned after a mutiny.

And that’s where the first film started.


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