We’re back online!

Well on Friday my computer ran out of power, even though it was plugged in, today the lead arrived so we are back up. It would have arrived earlier, but the post man seemed to think  it would make more sense to knock on the bedroom window of a sleeping child (James) than to, I dunno,  post it through the letterbox?!!

We had a themed Chinese meal as practice for Chinese New Year (nothing to do with the fact that we got the dates wrong!) and the Grandparents moved in while Mum and Dad are away. They’re lots of fun, but they do have some trouble with our way of life, I think it’s because they’re a bit old-fashioned.

Here are a few examples (no offence to the grandparents, but you do all these things):

  • Mum and Dad go to bed around midnight or one o’clock, so at that time they come in and tell me to go to sleep and turn my light off. Unfortunately Nanna and Grandad go to sleep early. Which is why I am writing this in the dark.
  • They keep asking how things work, like, how do you turn the TV on? How do you work the volume control? And how  come this radiator isn’t giving off any heat? (pointing at the dehumidifier.
  • This may be nit-picking, but it annoys me slightly. They keep calling the TV channel we watch Cbeebies! I want to tear my hair out and say “IT IS CBBC! CBEEBIES IS FOR BABIES! I’VE WATCHED ALMOST EVERY SIMPSONS EPISODE, READ ALMOST EVERY BOOK IN THE HITCH HIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY SERIES, AND VIRTUALLY EVERY BOOK WRITTEN BY JEROME K JEROME, I DO NOT WATCH CBEEBIES!!!!!” Childish I know.

Still, I’m sure they’ll adjust, they’ve got a lot of good qualities too. Tommorow I’m going to make shortbread with them. 😀



One comment on “We’re back online!

  1. mummy says:

    did you ask them if they were watching oldbebbies?

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