Oak Plants

Nothing happened today, there was no school because of the fire, so I’ve decided to use this post to complain about Oak Plants.

  1. The Food: It was terrible. Not only were we having to eat couscous, but we had these dragon ladies standing over us watching our every move. I don’t understand why they don’t just serve pizza. They seem to be saying “We can’t feed them unhealthy food, so we’ll just feed them food that automatically makes them try to starve themselves to death!”
  2.  They seem to be very stereotypical about vegetarians. Like when James refused a cheese sandwich (until he found out it had cucumber in it) “You’re a vegetarian, and you don’t like cheese!” or with me “You’re a vegetarian and you don’t like vegetables?” they actually laughed! So aren’t veggie’s allowed to dislike things (especially things as inedible as vegetables!)
  3. The books. So you’re a bookworm, the sort of person who spends their time at Oak Plants buried in a book. Yet these peoople think you’ll be satisfied with the sort of books you find in dentist waiting rooms. And as for the toys, all on high shelves out of reach. In amongst these is a computer that looks like generations of kids have played with it, but, despite being in a playroom, this is strictly forbidden (though nobody mentions this until you touch it!)



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