Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Pour on water! Pour on water!

Today I was sitting writing in English, as opposed to sitting doing maths in English! Suddenly the power flashed off, I continued writing, it was daytime, I hardly needed the lights, they came back on and went back off, that’s when the fire alarm rang!!!

A few people screamed and we made our way to the playground. At first I thought it was a drill for two reasons:

  1. It was sleeting. How many fires can start on a sleety (sleetty? Sleetingy?) day?
  2. I subconciously didn’t want the school to go up in flames, at least not while my kindle and a pack of books I’d never read before as I got them on Monday.

But I was wrong.

A boy in my class had actually seen it happen, English 1  was on fire and the students had to be evacuated. We quequed outside in alphabetical order, well everyone who didn’t know there was a real fire was in alphabetical order. Those possessing this knowledge wandered around informing others.

Teachers with megaphones yelled incomphrehensible nonsense at us “This is ccck a drill”

(gesturing at year seven “cccck cafeteria!” So I went to the cafeteria, a few hours later my class turned up. I could see my form tutor and head of year looking at me and chuckling.

You can imagine the scene:

People chatting to the right of me,

People chatting to the left of me,

while I sat in the middle trying to remember the lyrics to all the songs in: Joseph King of Dreams.

Even in emergency I am left out. I noticed that a girl on the opposite table had a copy of Double act, a book that, though it is good, I probably wouldn’t read at home. I became desperate to own that book. I wasn’t really bored at first (though I did keep sneaking quick glances at the book) because Mr Basil started talking for an hour and three quatres, eventually though, he ran out of steam. I begged for the book, when my pleas were ignored I begged for a different book. This owner actually gave me their book, but sadly a lot of people were starting to leave, so she had to go, taking the book with her. I was going mad, I had thought I was so safe, leaving my stuff when the alarm when, now if they’d handed me a knife I would have killed myself. I moved towards people I thought were my friends, they grunted to breifly aknowledge my existence and then continued their riveting conversation. I finnally got a book of a girl and settled down to read, until the lady came to collect me for a Oak Plants (Not the real name).

The Oak Plants website shows two seperate rooms of fun and describes a canteen for your child, there is also a telly. We saw no such things.

In real life, me and James used many words to describe it his usually began with b and ended with oring. Whereas mine began with h and ended with ell on earth. The first thing, our choice for tea was either cheese and cucumber sandwiches or couscous, our choice for lunch was the same. Now I always thought couscous looked like this:


But no, they apparently look like this:


And it tastes disgusting, but as they had to make up a special batch for me (after they’d miscounted the number of hot meals supposed to be made. ) I decided to push it round my plate for an hour and a half, just to be polite. Unfortunately they seemed to think they were parents! For instance, James finnishes his meal and goes off to play tether ball, suddenly somebody says “Did you ask to get down?” so he has to go back and ask and then these complete strangers are standing over me telling me to “Have one more mouthfull it’s not that bad!” (Not that bad, I threw up in my mouth and really struggled to keep it down! Sorry if your eating.)

We stayed there for five hours! Five hours! At least Henry liked it and I found a new way to torture James. (Find a twister mat and give them impossible instructions like: put your left foot in the right corner and your right foot in the left corner) We never have to go there again.

School’s off tommorow and on Friday, I just hope my stuff is OK (that is something else that annoyed me a tiny bit, all through the ride to Oak Plants I was worrying about my stuff, but the lady just kept repeating “the most important thing is that everyone is safe.” yeah, but she might say it differently if it was her kindle bursting into flames.) Oak Plants ended up as being OK, the only thing really wrong with it is that it has terrible food and is boring, other than that it’s great!


PS Before you ask, nobody was hurt in the fire.




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