Looking for Jesus

Today in RE (Religious Education) we saw Jesus, not litterally, but like this:http://www.eyetricks.com/jesus.htm

Just make sure this doesn’t happen to you:


For those who find my handwriting illegible, here’s what’s happening in these scenes:

Scene 1: We see a guy at his computer with the Jesus illusion on the screen, saying “What a cool illusion, I’ll just try it out.”

Scene 2: The guy is looking up saying “What a cool illusion, I can really see Jesus!”

Scene 3: We see Jesus in all his glory, with a halo and clouds and everything (if you bothered to click the link you’ll know this is not what you see.) Jesus says “Come, help mebring world peace!”

Meanwhile off-frame the guy says “It’s amazing!” clearly thinking it’s an illusion.

So recognise the difference between fake and real Jesus, don’t let this happen to you!


PS Sorry if any religious people get offended by this, but I doubt anybody will.

Bye again!


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