Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Today I was woken up by Dad telling me to wake up because he had overslept and we were late for school. He then went to make breakfast, but I remembered yesterdays forecast and went straight to the window, the garden was a winter wonderland! After lunch we went out with the aim of building the world’s biggest snowman (we failed, the worlds biggest is a monster with trees for arms, but there were only four of us, I bet the people who made the biggest one used cranes. However, it did end up as big as my Dad, an impressive 175 centemetres, one 21st (give or take a decimal) of the record!

The bottom was the easiest part, though by the time we had finnished it I could barely push it!!! The body was easy too, once we’d realised that making a giant snowball and struggling to lift it was a recipe for disaster, one smashed snowball later and we were patting snow on top of the first ball, creating a mound rather than a sphere, this was actually more body shaped, the head was hardest. By then Dad had to work again, we made four heads (and no, it wasn’t supposed to be an alien!)

  1. Was built by Henry, and presumably smashed when he dropped it, or somebody stood on it.  It was useless anyway, we were still building the body.
  2. Me and James got it on the body and put a scarf on it and I stood on James while he went on all fours to put the hat on it’s head. Unforunately after I had placed the thing on, and taken it off because it was all floppy James groaned and said “It hurts get off!” terrified of breaking his spine I jumped off two quickly, while still holding the head, needless to say we spent the next few minutes trying to find six bits of coal and a carrot in the snow.
  3. This was difficult, at one point James was staring at the sky, while  the snowmans head rested on his face. I grabbed hold of it and tried to get a grip while having to wrap my arms round James’s head, I yelled at him to move so I could hold it properly, he moved releasing the pressure on his neck, I probably saved his life. Unfortunately he seemed more concerned about the snowman’s smashed head than his own heroic sister.
  4. This is when things got interesting, While I made the last head Henry started yelling that we were ‘fatties’ eventually James lost his temper and started a snowball fight. Seems like a fun winter activity right? It would have been better if Henry hadn’t been in my bedroom at the time leaning out of the window, James tried to destroy his brother and Henry tormented him, while I screamed at James to stop throwing balls of snow into my bedroom, and suggested that maybe they could continue this in one of their bedrooms. They finnally stopped when a ball hit my arm chair soaking a few soft animals who had to spend ages drying on the raidiator. After this the little @(&^%^$£!” actually came out to taunt me “Your cuddly toys are ruined, mine aren’t! Your cuddly toys are ruined mine aren’t! Your…”  We stuck the head on, and stuck on a different, non floppy hat and dressed him in a pink scarf, coat and gloves. We photographed each other next to it, to give an idea of scale!

Tommorow we’re going sledging, can’t wait!



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