Sing a song of sixpence, or on second thoughts maybe you shouldn’t …

Today in music me and Zara perfomed our polyrythm tune on the african drums. Unlike all the other groups we used the different sound rythms as a story (rather than just playing a load of random beats. The story goes something like this:

A lion is creeping up on a wildebeast, the wilebeast is slowly becoming suspicious and is moving away from the lion, his heart is begining to beat faster and faster, then (with a massive bang on the drum from Zara.) He leaps and starts to run, with the lion chasing. The lion keeps a steady speed, but the wilderbeast slows then with a loud bang (from me this time) and look away if you’resqeamish.

The lion sinks his razor sharp insiscors into the neck of the wilderbeast, severing his spinal chord and killing him instantly, blood trickles onto the ground.

Ufortunately I made the mistake of singing this. Bad move, was imitated for the rest of the day 😦



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