My teeth hurt. The back molars feel slightly wobbly, if they’re in the wrong position when I close my mouth it can hurt. I tried brushing my teeth and when I spat out the tooth paste it was mixed with blood. 😦
I felt sick for a lot of today, after waking up at 1am (Ok, just before 9am) to go to church, so I was tired, then I drank… The Squash.

A  man was handing out cups of squash with union jacks on them. When he said they were leftovers from the summer I didn’t realise he meant the contents as well as the container!

On alighter note, my appetite is coming back and the day after tommorow is christmas! 😀



I don’t feel like writing at the momment.

School’s out for the winter!

Great news! I’m better, apart from this cough, loss of appetite and occasionally feeling like I’m going to be sick and I’m not the only one it seems. My school is closed because everyone’s got the Nordovirus, also known as: The winter vomiting disease!
Hmmm… You know if everybody had an illness with the word ‘vomiting’ in the title then I’m rather glad that I wasn’t with them for the last two days…

The pier trip

Today I went to Weston pier.

Bad things

  • Dad was a bit annoyed that we had to pay the full price for the trip, when everyone else had chips and some sort of meat or fish, whereas I had the vegetarian option. Chips. And trust me, chips and optional mushy peas is not a veggie choice, I also found what was either a burt chip or a bit of sausage on my plate. People often have problems with veggie options. James’s went to the school Christmas lunch and had lasagna! Nobody has lasagna for christmas, we’re vegetarian and we have Yorkshire pudding.
  • I spent over £7 in the crane machines. Until it actually picked up a teddy bear and raised it to the ceiling, then dropped it and reset. I complained to a member of staff who was working on and failing at the machines (I think he was testing them.) He was doing exactly what I had done. Picking it up, having it go up to the top, and then having the crane drop it because the flimsy little thing can’t actually stand the weight of a toy, he insisted that it wasn’t impossible (though he was yet to prove it). What really bugs me is that a soft teddy in the shop cost £6, so I could have spent less money and actually come home with a bear! Oh, well.
  • After the trip we walked the length of the pier to the end where the coaches were, then, for no reason at all, we walked back, then to the coaches. By the end of this death march I was struggling to limp on both feet at once, one of them still hurts now actually.
  • I discovered three things on the dodgems. 1. If somebody crashes into you hard and deliberatly it does hurt, despite the shock absorber. 2. Dodgems actually do provide seatbelts. 3. I am a terrible driver!

Good things

  • Though I had to spend hours at the top of the helter skelter (the traffic lights telling you whether it was safe to go were broken and constantly flashing red) the view was terrific, seriously, you could see all of weston, loads of little cream houses, with toy cars driving along mini roads and church spires popping up like daisies, the main building hidden behind the dwellings (hey, this description isn’t bad!)
  • The 4D cinema was great, we watched a film about fish called Deepo.
  • The lift was cool (weird I know.) It had a glass side so you got a great view of the first floor as you went up (you can’t really call it a ‘ground floor’ if it’s on a pier, can you?
  • The fun houses were cool, one was circus themed with ladders and a giant hamster wheel. The other was psychedelic, which is actually a type of drug, themed. You walk around with ropes and lights, while wearing these glasses that make you see double, or even quadruple. It’s actually pretty dangerous because there are a lot of steps.
  • The crystal maze is cool as well, it has some glass walls, some mirror walls and some gaps, difficult!

Well there’s my review of Weston pier, enjoy it as I’m never going there again (not as long as they still have those crane machines!)