I’m walking in the air!!!

Today we went ice skating at Hestercombe, we may skate at John Lewis at some point , but Hestercombe has advantages over John Lewis:

  1. Hestercombe is wax, but John Lewis is ice, OK for experienced skaters, but for us novices you can get very wet. I fell over so much in the first few minutes I spent more times sitting on the ice than I did skating! If  that was wet I would be soaked right now!
  2. John Lewis is full of people who can acctually skate, when you’re on a rink and you’re slipping and sliding like bambi in this clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSh1eLrxiqs the last thing you want is a load of people skating past you making it look like it’s the easiest thing in the world and you’re just some clumsy elephant.
  3. John Lewis  has plastic seals to help you round the rink, (kind of like those push along dogs and horses babies use when they’re learning to walk) the seals cost money and are only for under 5s. Hestercombe just puts theses wooden penguins out and anybody can use them, though don’t muck about and pretend to dance with them, they fall over if used from the front, and they try to bring you down on top of them. If you over  balance you can impale yourself on one of those skiing thingies they have to help them move smoothly and die a lonely painful death, while your blood taits the ice bright red and your intestines leak out is a really discusting way.

I actually ended up learning to skate better than my family.

Whoo hoo! Yeah!



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