Uncle Percy’s visit

I am the proud owner of a £20.00 Amazon voucher! Uncle Percy gave it to me for Christmas, he got the boys both rockets, I was a bit worried as James opened his gift Uncle Percy described it as “Something dangerous, I mean you could kill your brother”

I was expecting an air rifle or BB gun, but it was just a rocket, so we had to travel all the way to the windmill to test it. luckily I brought a book, a tube of smarties and a geo bug, there’s supposed to be a geo cache up there, we traced it to a big square rock made of stone cemented together. But I’ve checked every crack and crevice, I’ve done everything short of giving it a once over with my metal detector, my theory is that somebody took it home as a joke! They probably look like this:  😈

Anyways I’ll probably buy books with my voucher, because I love reading.

But I have news for all those teachers out there: reading isn’t all great. Books can isolate you, because you can’t socialize, I can socialize I’m just too busy reading! To all you kids out there though, don’t worry, when you lose your friends you won’t mind half as much as you think you will, you’ll be to busy reading!


Anyone who likes historical fiction should try Caroline Lawrence. I’m a bit upset because I  know I’ve only got two more books to go and I’ve finished the Roman Mysteries series, 😥  but don’t despair! There’s still the Flavian Trilogy and the Roman Mysteries Scrolls! 😀



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