Happy Boxing day!

Today Aunty Carrie, Aunty Jolene and Grandad came round. Grandad had a go at fixing my sewing machine, even he knew I was dying of boredom, but he sh0wed me how to fix it, and I must have learnt something inbetween reading my book, because I just did it again, before I realised that the needle had snapped. Who knew it was so fragile, luckily I have some spares!

I got loads of presents this morning (We always have more presents on Boxing Day, half on Christmas, half on Boxing day.) Some books, more Rollos and a toy aardvark called Archie. He came with a code you can enter into a website called: Webkins. It’s not very good. It only lasts a year and all you can do is buy stuff of earn Webkins cash in an arcade. It’s a bit wierd because it’s a cute and fuzzy game, but your gambling! Like ‘make a wish’ you drop in a coin and objects float to the surface, some of these objects are wishing wells, you win a fiver for each of these, some of these objects are fruit, if you get, say two strawberries in a row you win some Webkins money, three cherries, even more money, three wishing wells in a row = Ca ching! You get like £1000 or a gift. There are some games too, some are pretty fun but, meh.

Aunty Jolene finally met Swiss. The thing is Swiss is a ragdoll, like she looks like this:

And she’s the size of a large cow. Though apparently her fur makes her look fat, ‘yeah’! The thing is James always says Aunty Jolene’s cat is fat, so when she sees his cat, she makes fun of it. Though to be fair, Swiss has got really long fur, whereas Aunty Jolene’s massive cat has short hair. Hmm… 😉



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