God bless us everyone!

For the last week I sounded like Tiny Tim.

You know, always coughing in the middle of sentences, having coughing fits at random times and often goes to church.

I have a very ill younger brother (Henry temporarily lost his voice yesterday and didn’t wake up until lunchtime today) and an old (wo)man keeps telling me to stop bothering about my sickness and get somewhere (Sarah the quest, it’s like a Sunday school but on Fridays,  lady got really annoyed when I told her that James definetly won’t be at the Christingle service and the whole family might miss it if Henry is still ill. She seems to be under the impression that we poisoned Henry so that we could miss the service. She keeps saying “It’s really disapointing when I plan things and then people say they’re not going to be there. I don’t do this for fun you know!”

While I think “For gods sake Sarah! We’re just singing a song and getting an orange, it’s not that important! Henry isn’t exactly throwing up and losing his voice ‘for fun’ either!” Honestly!)

But I thought that it might be worth it to miss PE. For PE we do basket ball, we dress up in a shortsleeved T-shirt and shorts and go outside  (and no we do not only do it in summer!)

Today I had an excuse to miss PE. Whenever I do any sport there are always people sitting by the sidelines chatting, not today though!Today we ironically did gymnastics, one of the only sports I enjoy, and we did vaulting. Which means that rather than doing what people on the sidelines usually do, i.e chat, muck about and occasionally get told that they should read a book, I spent PE trying to stop a mat from sliding away as people vaulted onto it.

Why me? I’m the sort of person who’d see missing PE as a benefit of ilness, so how come people who love sport always get ill, and when they’re ill, they don’t have to sit infront of a mat trying to push it, life isn’t fair!

Good news though, my cold is getting better. Bad news, all my friends think I faked it.

Which as I’m hopeless when it comes to stuff like that, it shows how little my friends know about me. Like last year I got a terrible shock when my friends were surprised that I liked English! Was there no evidence!???!

“Wow you’re on your sixtieth page, you must really hate English!” (Bit of exaggerating here, I have never written anything 60 pages long, 60 pages is my goal, if it’s that long then you can publish it!)

So today I was finishing the story I was writing for English at lunchtime (mainly because I wanted to see what happened next. That is the difference between me and other writers, with other writers an unexpected twist at the end has been planned to perfection, with me I’m usually just as surprised as you) When Laurel said “Why are you writing? Do you actually like English?”

“Yeah, haven’t you noticed?

“I thought you were just kidding!”

Right now I’m going to stop because my head hurts and Henry recently coughed on me, so you won’t be hearing from me for a while probably!




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