Mrs Sultan’s stupidity!

Here is a play based on real event.


Mrs Sultan: One of those supply teachers who work at a school and help out occasionally, but don’t really teach a particular subject.

Lily: Lily

Me: Me

Other Pupils: Other Pupils

(The ICT room, land of computers, learning and swivel chairs. It’s the end of a maths lesson, Mrs Sultan is stepping in for Mr Johnson.)

Mrs Sultan (idiotically, seriously, there are some things you just can’t say in a classroom full of kids, and this is one of them.): What have you got next lesson?

(We all have different lessons next so we all yell out different things. We think that she must need to know so we try and make ourselves heard, then somebody , Lenny I bet, starts actually competing with other people with his cries of “German!” We all try and say ours the loudest.)

Mrs Sultan (some time later): Shame, I was going to send you out early, put your hand up if you didn’t make a noise.

(Half the class raise their hands)

Mrs Sultan: Anyone who did make a noise raise your hands.

(About four people raise their hands)

Mrs Sultan: Hmmm… I think we may have some liars in here. (Well DUH!!!)

(Finnaly she gets ,like, roughly half the class to admit it, tthe rest leave.)

Mrs Sultan: If any of you do that again with me I’ll report you to Mr Basil. If I told him today you wouldn’t have gotten to go on the piere trip. Blah blah blah…

Lily: I yelled and I left.

Hear that kids! Lying is the best policy!





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