Party time!

Today I went to Amelia Jane’s party, she’s my cousin. She’s a scream! They had booked this clown and magician act to entertain the kids, with in minutes of bieng on stage with the other girl (it was a shared party) Amelia Jane was imitating their act, “Do you want your birthday song in English or Welsh?” they asked,

“Let’s see what they think!” she said, she shouted into the audience “Do you want it in Welsh!”

“YES!” we shouted.

“I can’t hear you, do you want it in Welsh?”


Just a few seconds before the clown and magician had been doing the same thing! She didn’t always mean to be funny. At oner point the magician conjured up a white dove and asked “What type of bird is this?” Amelia Jane shouted out “It’s a sea gull!”

Or when she picked Nanna out of a crowd of ladies to have a magic trick done on her, and Amelia Jane told the man that her first name was Nanna!

BLOL! (Bye Laugh Out Loud!!)


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