A line has been crossed.

Well Mr Basil sorted the boys and Somerset, but it’s too late for my copy of Double Dork Diaries. Somerset has recently been knocking my book out of my hands, today she did it twice, with my three year old copy of Double Dork Diaries. The first time she did it the spine started to go, the second time the glue broke. The book was split, but strangely the paper back remained in tact, as did the glue stiking the pages to the paper. So though it is ruined, as can never really be read again, I could still take it round school one last time. Thing is, it isn’t going to last long, a tiny rip could split it in half. Somerset doesn’t believe she broke it! Her friends have named David as somebody likely to deliberatly rip a book, what they don’t understand is that repeatedly knocking a book onto tarmac, isn’t good for it.

She now owes me £6.99



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