Christmas and something totally off subject.

I made something today. Sadly it must remain a secret, because my Mum and Dad read this blog and they mustn’t know what it is. Largely because they’ll be getting it for Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, I swear it’s getting earlier. Today I got two cards from girls in my year, that means I’ve got to start giving out cards. This could be a bit difficult, as I have real trouble remembering names, oh well, I’ll manage somehow.

I’m going to be the only child giving or recieving gifts this Christmas. James and Henry just pretend that they don’t know what Christmas is when I ask them what they’re getting. I’m the only one who has made presents or a list. I’m also supposed to help plan the Christmas dinner as well.

School is getting worse. Today in science I had an arguement with some fools. They actually think they won!

The thing is, you know how everybody says that soon we’ll totally run out of fossil fuels, well guess what… We can never completely run out! Don’t start celebrating too soon. Fossil fuels are created after a million years, well each second has a million years behind it. So fossil fuels will technically never run out. However, before you start trying to use as much of the stuff as possible, just because you can, the amount created is very small. When we use up all the reserves, we’ll have to wait a few hundreds of years before there’s enough to actually use.

Mrs Brush agreed with me, but because she also said about there not bieng enough to use, I am apparently second best in science!

Everyone was saying it, “Lenny’s better at science, Lenny outsmarted you” (though it is pretty cool if when someone ‘apparently’ is right and your wrong, it is seen as a real achievement) until I pointed out that in Reception I had knowledge of physics (note the time when we were asked to write a story about a duck, and I wrote about him learning to fly by bieng launched into the air on the end of a see-saw!) By year 3 I knew roughly how to clone things (Mum always said that you just leave a single cell alone for a while, and it will evolve into a whole new you! I’m not sure if it works like that, but then again, she was quick to explain the problems with cloning if it goes wrong when I suggested trying it.) I also planned to create a new creature by (I was young) picking cells off one using my microscope, and adding them to the other. When I pointed some of this out, the fickle creatures said “Well that doesn’t mean Lenny can’t be right about this one thing!”





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