Helping people isn’t always good.

Today I helped someone. When you’re a little kid your always told that ‘helping people is fun!’

The boys are always calling Marcie pig. One time (during the infamous tutor group tim where, when asked to create a made up charity to do with the environment, Archie’s group came up with a charity for rabbits with rabies) Kenneth’s group came up with a charity with a porcine mascot, which they claimed to be Marcie (Meanwhile Mr Fairgrass said “that’s not nice.” How helpful!)

So Marcie persuaded me to help her, people are scared of me, in fact, only that morning I had chased Somerset and her boyfriend (I know it’s immature to tease her, but I don’t like the way that I am part of several relationships, all made up or missunderstood by those who talk about them, I can barely look at a boy. Whereas Somerset and the boy were disscussing how to meet eacch other after games publicly. It’s unfair!) Unfortunately, in helping her. I put my own head in a noose. I am now called Piglet. The boys all crowded round me at the end of the day, telling me that I wasn’t strong enough to get back at them (since I’d already got back at several of them on their own I think this was unfair, what was worse was that there was one of me and round about six of them. One boy Andy went over the top. Throwing insults at me, mainly piglet, they crowded round. Andy was talking about how weak I was so I hit him with a new fight move I invented on the spot.

  1. Pick a target.
  2. Swing your bag slowly over your head, getting faster and building up momentum.
  3. Step closer and continue swinging it, hitting your victim repeatedly.

I call it ‘Throwing the Hammer’ after the swinging movement.

Then I walked to the gate, turned round and said “Hows that for strength.” Then I walked off.



One comment on “Helping people isn’t always good.

  1. mummy says:

    at least piglets are cute

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