There is life on mars!

I stepped out of a silver, metal capsule onto the red planet. Freezing rain fell from the sky. It was a watery land, full of animals, plants and rain. Many lakes and puddles littered the ground like old crisp packets in a city street, it seemed normal, but all the still water on the ground was red! A large white bird glided on a iron coloured surface, white froth spurted from red waterfalls and it was easy to see where the colour came from. The place was red, the very soil was rusty, the tree trunks were brownish red and the leaves were showing off their autumn crimson. Carvings were striped brick and sandstone, as the evening lights shone on the sand stone it turned sunset red too. Where was this place, Mars, the desert, planet red? No Hestercombe on a wet, muddy day.

Anywhere can become an alien world if you describe it right.



One comment on “There is life on mars!

  1. Mummy says:

    I think that it may have been a dark grey capsule – however the mess, old food and litter inside the capsule would not have been out of place in a vessel used to journey for many years to Mars

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