Today the library was closed. I had forgotten my coat and there was a gale force wind outside. So of course I had to go outside and freeze to death!

Teachers can really act like playtime is a punishment sometimes. One time a teacher passed me reading with some other girls in the corridor and said “Come on girls, don’t skive your break time” Excuse me? How can you skive free time?

Also, how come in films and books teachers are always ecouraging pupils to read, yet here I’m having to sneak around to read indoors! While they sit inside reading and drinking tea, nobody knocks their books out of their hands, nobody sits next to them asks if theyt to go out with some obscure friend of theirs (though actually, even if the teachers were out there, being whipped by the wind and bitten and chewed up by the cold, nobody would dare do any of those things!)




One comment on “F-f-f-frozen!!!

  1. Post 150!!!! We did it guys!

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