Riding along the Strawberry line…

The strawberry line is nothing to do with strawberries. Just to make that clear. It used to be a railway line, there are even stations and those white gates with a red circle in the middle.

I find cycling a great expierience. My bike has 21 gears so I can go really fast, and as there’s no roads on the strawberry line I like to listen to my walkman as I ride, but before you ask, I don’t listen to music, it takes too long to set up a playlist I listen to talking books. So far I’m listening to a little princess, not the milkshake version, the classic book version. The one with Sarah Crew.

I also made brownies! Now Mum says that it’s important to experiment, so tommorow I’m going to make a cake with Chocolate snack chips! More about that tommorow!



One comment on “Riding along the Strawberry line…

  1. mummy says:

    Next time we will have to cycle loads further so that we find that gate!

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