Interesting things about a visit to the museum.

There is a museum in Bristolwith loads of stuffed animals, they’ve even got a Thylacine! that link is for a newsround (sorry all you adults I couldn’t find a BBC news link) report on the Jurrasic park prize. The prize for the first people to bring an extinct species back to life. That Thylacine could be valuable to science. If you look here:

Document: [PDF] Plymouth University ‘Muirhead Memorial’ Herbarium you’ll see that there are several extinct species in the museum, just think of the DNA. But there are extinct species in a lot of museums there’s a great auk and a quagga in one of them. Beats me why all those scientists are trying to dig up mamoths in the arctic. Guess it’s because it’s easier, just insert the DNA into the xygote (or the thing in the womb of a pregnant female like 1 day after she’s mated.) of an indian elephant two years later, you’ve got a mammoth, or more  correctly  you’ve got a melephant, or a emoth, it would take years of selective breeding to create a mammoth, and would therefore need to be done in a zoo enviroment.

Sorry about that, I rambled on a bit there.

There’s also a Bengal Tiger, shot by one of the king George’s.

behind it is a picture of the king on an elephant, coming up behind it with a gun. A lot of people probably think that the tiger was shot and put in a pose to look like this, I think it was stuffed like this. Just look at a close up of it’s head:

Oooh scary isn’t he? Looks like he’s going to eat someone right? Wrong.

Look into his eyes, and look at the first picture again. His eyes are terrified, as he scrabbles in the undergrowth, not knowing if he’s going to run or dig his way out, crouching low to hide himself, but half knowing that it’s already too late. He looks desperate, the sad thing is that tigers all over india are going through this. Bieng shot and killed, some speies are in fact already extinct. They’re bieng shot, and for what?

  • Chinese medicine that doesn’t work. You know one shop in China was selling so called ‘dragons teeth’ and they turned out to be the fossolized teeth of an ancient human. Do you really think that murdering a tiger or plugging a tap into a bears stomach to get at it’s bile will really cure you? China, get a NHS.
  • Skins, listen everybody out there who likes tiger skin, it’s not worth it. Fake fur is much cheaper, you risk bieng aressted and we’re past the age when everybody goes “Wow a tiger skin” Now everyone says “Eww a tiger skin”.
  • To protect farm animals. Listen, would you take over half of someones house to make shoes say? You take all their shoes and wear them while you’re making your shoes, so if they wanted to go to the shops and they took a pair of shoes would you shoot them? The tiger’s habitat is bieng destroyed for farmland, the tiger’s prey is being hunted or dying from loss of habitat, and the tiger is bieng shot for trying to feed it’s family. Yes I do know the counter arguements, but surely there are better solutions than shooting the tigers.
  • This brings me nicely onto habitat destruction. Lumber, farmland and palm oil and other such prooducts, all kill tigers, and not just tigers. Every forest animal suffers when the forest vanishes. Orangutans, bears, wolves, birds, insects and of course tigers.

It looks as if we’ll soon be living in an animal free world, but we don’t have to. Look here to find out more:

Look into this tiger’s eyes, it’s too late to save him, but together we can help the others…



One comment on “Interesting things about a visit to the museum.

  1. Mummy says:

    poor tiger 😦

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