The happy puzzle company.

Today my class did some puzzles with the happy puzzle  company. Puzzles are supposed to help you think, but there wasn’t much evidence that the guy running it did many.

He put me with Somerset.

So here he is randomly putting us into groups when me and Somerset simutaneously say “we don’t want to work together.” This is the point when some totally random person decides to jump in and say

“Those two love working together.”

Of course some girl is much more reliable than us, she’ll know better than us if we’re friends or not. So he put us together.

This can be explained away, but here is the point where I lost faith in his intelligence:

He catches us fighting. Miawowing and hissing like cats (Somerset was making a joke against the boys for calling it a cat fight, and I was trying to show up her rubbish impression.) He saw us and said:

“Stop that fighting or I’ll seperate you.”

Is that a threat?



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